This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, a deep look at the 2012-2013 Raptors, as constructed and reconstructed by Bryan Colangelo. We apologizes for being wrong about Amir Johnson and the Kyle Lowry trade! After attending a single game, we’re ready to be a top scout for NBA teams and reveal revelations in the “Xs and Os, Jimmy’s and Joes’s” including why the Raptors offence is easy to scout and needs to be updated to this millennium. There’s no fluff here, but actual in-games example (like those cute little out-of-bound plays). There’s a Kyle Lowry and Jose Calderon comparison and an explanation of which one is/was better for the team.

Some time is devoted on the pluses of Kyle Lowry and Jonas Valanciunas’s game, with a focus on how to keep the latter happy by throwing him a bone once in a while. Finally, we introduce the award-winning segment “Inside Colangelo’s Brain”, and suggest that if Bryan only has one bullet left to fire in his GM gun why not shoot at the biggest target out there and he’s from the Lakers and not named Pau.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (34:30, 32MB). Or just listen below:

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25 Responses to “Rapcast #132: The Doctor Is (Finally) In – X’s and O’s / Jimmy’s and Joe’s, Inside Bryan Colangelo’s Brain”

    • voy

      since a thumbnail is not populating i guess i should make clear its a clip of last night’s game accompanied with a fan’s verbal reaction.  you dont have to worry about clicking on it from a work computer and having woman on donkey action pop up on your monitor while your boss is walking by your desk.

    • Punit Lad

      pretty sure that video’s audio is from here

      still funny nonetheless. 

      • voy

        good catch, punit lad.  thanks for the clarification. 

        i am going to prefer to live in the matrix and accept my clip as reality, although clearly you are correct.

      • monocled_gentleman_scholar

        I wouldn’t make something like that up. Since Calderon started that stretch of good play (and then when he got traded), Lowry has been thrown under the bus. Am I dreaming?

        I have special respect for Lowry for reinventing himself from a guy who gets his first to a guy who looks to pass.

  1. Timo in Waterloo

    Welcome back, PhD Steve.. I find your podcasts entertaining and informative… thought provoking.. I like the shape of this team.. agree with the observation of Lowry’s lack of trust in Jonas’s offensive game on the PnR… wondering what Colangelo will do know with all those surplus 3’s.. Kleiza, Pietrus, Fields and Anderson… a lot of money tied up there.. wondering if maybe the last bullet might be better spent on a deal with ATL for Josh Smith..wouldnt he look good next to Gay, DD , Lowry and Val ?And Amir could be first big off the bench ?

    • Nilanka15

      Smith is a risk because of his unrestricted free agent status.  Would hate to lose him after 30 games.

      • j bean

        Don’t know if AB + would be enticing enough but if Smith could be had I’m in. They would have 30 games to sell him on the team which is a big advantage over everyone else in free agency.

      • Dan

         He wouldn’t be worth the max, but him and gay as the forwards would be really good. If Bryan is willing to over pay he may stay here. He’s better than Hibbert and Batum and they both got max deals. I don’t think the Raps have the pieces to get him. I don’t see Atlanta wanting Andrea or Demar now that he got his extension. They don’t have enough expiring contracts to to combine with a player like Ross and some draft picks. I like Ross but without him or Jonas being offered I doubt you get any interest at all.

  2. Tross31

    Welcome back.  

    Some thoughts:

    Re: Play-calling

    It’s very generic but is that really what his priority has been so far? Raps didn’t give any effort under Triano and Casey’s priority had been culture-shift (pound the rock BS) and he’s done good on that

    Re: Lowry great PG

    Jury is out on that, never been able to land a starting spot in any team so far and got replaced by Jose (fact).   The comment on him sticking a jumper is just wrong.  He’s a poor shooter.

    Re: Valanciunas needing a bone

    Don’t think he does.  His expectation isn’t to receive the ball and have plays called for him, he lives off others and is fine with it.

    Re: Inside Colangelo’s brain – what’s next

    No idea.  Arse put it nicely a while back.  Colangelo is a big gambler and Rudy Gay better be the gamble that finally pays off (all others have failed).  So far looking good but IMO the question is how do you go from low-seed or even 9th in conference to an actual contender or middle-class contender without paying serious tax.  

    • sleepz

      You don’t. In fact, in this market paying the luxury tax is not gonig to  make much of a difference because they have no financial room for FA’s (wouldn’t matter if they did anyways), no draft pick this year, and very few trade assets. The improvement will have to come internally from their really young players like JV and Ross.

      When has Colangelo ever had any interest in building a contender? Championship teams and other elite teams in this league do not go about running their franchises the way Trader Bryan does. No plan, no vision, no style of play, no team identity. Just “listen to me talk long enough and you’ll believe something I say”. lol

      BC is trying to stitch something together on the fly and call it an “up and comer”.

      Raps are one injury away from any of Gay, Johnson, or Lowry from being a cellar dweller instead of the below average team they currently are.

      • DumbassKicker

        “The improvement will have to come internally from their really young players like JV and Ross.”

        1. What’s wrong with those 2? I see both as having the potential for being high quality players.
        2. I also see definite possibility for growth from DeMar (23), Amir (25), Lowry (26), Gay (26), Fields (24), all growing together as a TEAM.
        3. As vision goes, the Raps needed a quality Center for the future- JV, done. The team needed a young wing that can shoot 3s- Ross, done. The team needed a younger PG for the future- Lowry, done. The team needed a quality wing go-to guy- Gay, done. How do you say there’s no plan, no vision? Not fast enough for you?
        4. Having all these young players, some who have high potential, growing internally seems like a vision, but what do you feel is a better one, and achievable? Tank for how ever long it takes to get lucky in the lottery and land a LBJ or KD? That your PLAN??? LUCK????

    • raptors phdsteve

       Actually, Lowry is shooting over 40% this season both from the floor and at the 3 and over 80% from the line.  His TS% (true shooting %) is almost 58%! In comparison Calderon’s TS% is 60% . 

      And career wise, Lowry is a good shooter.  He shoots 42% from the floor for his career (if you dont include the 10 games he played in his rookie season) – and while his 3pt%  is just over 34%, he has cut the wasteful 3 out of his shooting repertoire- just ask Memphis’ stats guy John Hollinger who’s espn scouting report of Lowry on th epage you linked to clearly says :

      “Lowry now has shot better than 37 percent on 3s in consecutive seasons,
      and last season many of these were several feet behind the line, so it’s
      time to update the scouting report on his shooting — he’s a real
      threat from deep.”

      That’s pretty good.  Sure his shooting %s are not as high as Calderon, but to say hes a poor shooter is not true.

      Lowry is a complete PG- with good to excellent skills in every possible statistical category. 

  3. Ho Tep

    What makes you think Oklahoma City will want the Raptor pick?

    This Gay fellow is good enough to push the pick into the 11-15 range (and they already have Percy Jones’es of the world bumping around the D-league). Is it that he and the Raps look to be on the improve in the next few years and their hand is forced? Raptors should be prepared to make the pick.

  4. monocled_gentleman_scholar

    Btw, what happened to that cool little rap that opened the rapcast for a while? That was great.

  5. Paul

    If the Raptors offense is so laughably predictable, then how is it 10th in the league right now?

  6. raptors phdsteve

    The Raps are actually 12th in points scored going into tonight game vs the Knicks- but who cares because those points have not translated into wins.  The Raps score early and often when they get out and run or they pick up points in blowouts like in any of 13 games they have lost by 10+points including 8 by more than 15points.  That number is also inflated by the fact that the Raps have played 7 overtimes! The issue prior to Gay arriving has been the inability to score down the stretch, when teams actually play defense against them.  So that while they may put up good offensive numbers overall, in the last 10 mins of games they cant get baskets.  And that largely explains why they are 20-32 (which should really be the stat we are focusing in on here)- and of their 32 loses, 12 have been by 5 points or less or in overtime: this demonstrates their problem with getting buckets late.  Rudy Gay’s immense talent has already overcome their inability to draw up plays for easy buckets late in games by hitting game winning jumpers in ISO plays- but over the long haul, teams will double and triple Gay in the last 2 mins of games and then what will the Raps do?  So, they score points but dont win games- because their offense is predictable.  When the games slow down, like it he last 7 mins or in the playoffs- the Raps will continue to struggle unless Gay hits big shots and role players like Lucas (on Sunday) or Anderson (last night) shoot the lights out.  That is not a winning offensive strategy.

    • DumbassKicker

      They’ve been having problems in crunch time? Oh, that’s the problem. Shit we gotta let Casey know!!

      Have you ever coached a competitive team against a well coached competitive team? You make this “winning strategy” sound simple, and I could use some help with my team.

  7. Timo in Waterloo

    But they got it done tonight against the Knicks… contributions from multiple players on both sides of the ball..and it frustrated the Knicks, hence all the techs


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