Open Thread: mid-play-in check-in

Saying hi, catching up, etcetera.

I hope I got my hyphenations correct in that title.

I saw some comments recently that people wanted open threads during the playoffs so that everyone could chat, so I’ll try to do that. How’s everyone doing? It’s still weird to prep for the playoffs and not have the Raptors involved.

Who’s everyone got on Friday? Chicago-Miami and Sacramento-New Orleans. I’m going Chicago and New Orleans. Watching DeMar cook against the Hawks was really, really enjoyable. I know the Raps won after he was traded, but he’s just one of the best players to watch in history. The movement, the shooting, the smoothness. So fun. I would have loved for him to have been a lifetime Raptor. Still on franchise Rushmore for me.

Anyway, chat away! I’ll check in on the comment section from time to time to hang out or answer any questions or whatnot. If you still want to read my writing, I’m working for the Bucks still, so you can find my writing at (I have my series preview coming out soon, I miss doing those for you guys. One day soon, I hope.)

Okay, bye!