Blake was joined by James Herbert (Hardwood Paroxysm, Hoop Speak, SB Nation NBA) and Scott Campsall (Raptors HQ), two Raptors writers who have media credentials despite being, y’kno, “bloggers”:

  • Do they get free popcorn and apple juice?
  • What is the biggest difference with having access?
  • Which players are the best to talk to?
  • Why does Rudy Gay take so damn long to shower?
  • Weekend preview – can Raps stop The Streak?
  • Weekend preview – will we all survive the Bobcats game?
  • What we’re looking for the rest of the year.
  • More!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (33:25, 12 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • arsenalist

    Someone on First Take is picking the Raps to break the streak.

  • Erudite

    What I learned from this is that getting access makes for boring people and boring content. No offense.

    Raps official does an awesome of putting up quotes, videos, interviews and stuff like that. Star’s articles give you more of the same. When I come to a fan site or blog I want to get something different. Give me Arse and Blake or even the Aaron Gray lookalike (forget his name) any day over generic, watered down content.

    • Garrett Hinchey

      I resemble that remark!

      …I’ve been waiting to say that in the proper context for years now.

  • I think the difference of what James is talking about is the difference between an analyst and a reporter. Doug Smith, for example, is a reporter. He’s there to report what’s going on and not necessarily give his opinion (probably a good thing). A guy like Bill Simmons, however, didn’t even have press credentials (I’m not sure if that’s changed) and doesn’t interview players and doesn’t seem to have any interest in it.

    Personally, I find player interviews generally boring and uninteresting. After a while, they all sound the same and don’t really give me any deeper understanding of basketball. It’s really just fluff that has been practiced and been through the PR machine.

    I thought it interesting that Colangelo ranted about the bloggers after the Rudy Gay trade. Maybe he should have listened to them in the first place.