Throughout the NBA playoffs, where we Raptor fans are left to wallow, Raptors Republic brings you the 100 Words Series. Calling on RR writers and other Raptor scribes from around the internet and MSM, we’ll provide the Republic with 100-word takes on players, coaches, management and announcers. Look for these two or three times a week, continuing today with Alan Anderson. The mission I charged the contributors with was simple: you have 100 words (prose, poetry, song, whatever) to discuss said player.

Andrew Thompson, Raptors Republic
Alan Anderson was a cartoon this season. When he caught fire and single-handedly won games the Raps had no business winning with impossible shot after impossible shot, the laws of physics did not seem to apply. When he came off the bench, quickly missed six completely unnecessary shots and then went away, it was equally without reason. But I’ll always remember AA for something special we shared. After a mid-season win, I accidentally walked into an abnormally tall man at a local establishment. I looked up and saw Alan Anderson. I nodded knowingly. He nodded back. It was a moment. Goodbye Alan, we’ll always have Real Sports.

Blake Murphy, Raptors Republic
If this were the Raptors’ offense, Alan Anderson would get more than 100 words, just like he hoisted more than his share of shots. He’s a chucker. There’s a place for that, but it’s deeper on the bench than Anderson was positioned and at a price less than Anderson will probably command. I like Anderson and accounts are he’s a chill bro. However, inefficient volume scoring is the most readily available commodity in basketball and there’s no reason to give Anderson guaranteed dollars to do something a waiver guy could do, albeit possibly with less defensive versatility. Also: Vince Face.

PhD Steve, Raptors Republic
Alan Anderson- A Haiku
hard to tell the truth
cause should not swear in haiku
but he makes me #$$%@

Sam Holako, Raptors Republic
I’m okay with giving him a two-year $4.5M to $5M contract with the second year partially guaranteed. There is not much else to say really; he’s the ninth guy off the bench at best… I refuse to say anything else about the guy… I mean come on, the guy is one-dimensional and not really a great scorer in bursts like a Jamal Crawford or even a JJ Reddick…. at least Jamario Moon had freakish hops… look, I’m not saying he’s a terrible player, but if he’s an important part of the summer, this team has very big issues heading into next season.

Zarar Siddiqi, Raptors Republic
Getting playing time due to lack of team depth, and performing sporadically and selfishly, Alan Anderson has deservedly gotten some good flak around these parts. Let that not deter us from giving him his due, which is that of a serviceable ninth man. It’s when his class of player bubbles up the rotation, like Jamario Moon and Sonny Weems, is when this franchise starts looking like a joke. The salary cap constraints are such that it’s the Raptors who need Anderson more than vice-versa. The question is whether the capacity of his involvement will be as a filler or not.

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  • c_bcm

    These are fun.

    I’m surprised that Sam thinks that AA is worth a 2yr 4.5-5 million. That seems a it high to me given the current cap.

    • Sam Holako

      He has value as the 3rd forward off the bench, who can come in and score a few baskets cold. Partially guaranteeing the 2nd year would minimize impact on the cap.

      • Nilanka15

        I think what we just witnessed was a “career year” for Anderson…playing for a regular NBA contract.

        I’d be afraid of what his provides (or doesn’t provide) if given the comfort of a multi-year deal.

        • Bouncepass

          Bingo! I think that we just witnessed AA’s “career year” in the NBA, at 30 years of age. For those who admired his occasional scoring burst (including Casey, it would seem), savour it, and remember it fondly. But please don’t expect a repeat. He needs fewer minutes, a much shorter leash, and a modest contract. If the Raptors don’t do those three things, then let’s bid Adieu.

        • CJT

          Does AA strike you as the kind of guy that is going to coast, ever? Say what you want about his skill level, but I think he is one of the few Raptors that brings the grit and heart all the time. Plus he has the best jab step ever.

          • Nilanka15

            I don’t think he’s the type to coast. But I do think he took many selfish shots at the expense of the team’s offense.

            Now I admit that many Raptors were guilty of this too, but Anderson seemed to be the most obvious.

            • CJT

              I would agree that he was not shy about shooting, but I also think that he was probably given the green light to do so as a perceived good 3 point shooter. I think he definitely has value off the bench if he is able to play with some control and vision.

      • c_bcm

        Can NBA contracts have incentives built in? I wonder if the Raps could protect themselves from too much regression from his “career year” by keeping his base salary at around 2-3 million for 2 years and have a 50-75% bonus for reaching performance targets. You could always put a provision in there that the bonus is partially guaranteed in he befalls an injury that keeps him out of too many games.

        I just don’t know if this is standard, or considered bad form.

  • robertparrish00

    Blake nailed this one. Just not sure why he isn’t deeper on the bench. Is it a depth issue or a coach issue?

    • cdub

      when the coach is playing anderson over valanciunis Id say its a coach issue
      when the guy has a greenlight to shoot I’d also say it’s a coach issue
      I’d take him back with a coach that will utilize him properly… duty situational player

  • SR

    Holy $#*@&. If this team were to give Alan Anderson $5 000 000 to stay here for two more years….there are no words. Holy $#%*&.

    • Guest

      Honestly I’d say he’s worth it. They should just ask him to assist more instead of taking a lot of shots. If he can lower his shots and play the D he was playing last year he’s easily worth 5 mill for 2 years.

    • LinuxFTW

      Honestly I’d say he’s worth it. They should just ask him to assist more instead of taking a lot of shots. If he can lower his shots and play the D he was playing last year he’s easily worth 5 mill for 2 years.

  • Copywryter

    I think AA needs to be considered in context. As a 7th or 8th man he brings good value: he can get his own shot (too often, I know), he can pass off the dribble, he’s a passable defender and as far as I can tell doesn’t take plays off.

    I think 2.5/3m a year is great value if a team can acquire him for that sticker price. I don’t know, however, if a chucker-heavy team like the Raptors needs him.

    Also, there should be some mention of the fact that he is a feel-good story, and we should celebrate that outside of his uneven contribution to the team.

    • guest

      A feel good story. Dude my little sister knows more about basketball than you do…lol.

      • Copywryter

        Hiding behind a guest account is very manly. Do you hide behind your little sister too?

        • guest

          Hey nice pic dude, this ain’t Plenty of Fish. LOL!!! And where’s ur name? I’m a copywriter and I wear tight t-shirts…too funny.

          • Copywryter

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn you on. Try not to take out those secret longings on your sister, ok? There’s a Jason Collins out there for you, I promise.

            • Shosty73

              New to Raptors Republic. Gotta say though, shame on you for going the homophobic route Copywryter. Even though “guest” was being an asshole, there is not need for that.

              • Copywryter

                That is not homophobic. If anything, the suggestion of incest is much more deplorable. Also, go back through my comments yesterday in the discussion here on Collins.


                • Shosty73

                  Perhaps I misread. Perhaps you did not intend for it to come across in that matter. And yes, the suggestion of incest is much more deplorable. However, that is obvious.

                  First of all, the “hiding behind a guest account is very manly” is an obvious sexist statement, reinforcing sexist gender roles. Obviously it was simply meant as an insult, but still it continues in the perpetuation on gender roles, where cowardliness is associated with femininity.

                  However, after reading your other post, I do realize that you aren’t dumb and you aren’t homophobic. I just wonder what you meant with “There’s a Jason Collins out there for you, I promise”. What exactly are you implying?

                  Yes, I’m over-analyzing. But I’m actually interested in your response.

                • Annoyed

                  Please stop, hes not homophobic so what more do you want from him? Its not that hard to understand what he was implying with the Collins reference, use your head. I’m pretty sure Guest’s comment in regards to Copywryter’s tight shirt could be considered a bit sexist to if your going to start nitpicking. This is a basketball site, stop worrying about the political correctness of every post it ruins the experience of reading comments.

  • iHeartLowry

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand why TRoss didn’t play over him. AA did win us a few games, though, so give him credit where it’s due.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    To me, AA is a 8-9-10 type guy that a strong play-off team might use – in limited capacity. On a team like the Raptors, his “visit” is 2 years too soon.

    That being said, with a contract in hand, Anderson might defer more to his defensive skills, with less offensive focus – as the latter seems necessary for a guy in his position to solidify NBA employment.

    I’d rather run with Ross, plus someone cheaper. Anderson will get a contract – and I’m guessing it’s somewhere else.


  • Scottbbaird

    Casey has so much love for the guy…

  • Statement

    Alan Anderson is the definition of inconsequential.

    This guy should get the vet’s min, which for him should be considered a win. The fact that he played so much for the Raps speaks to the craptastic quality of our wings.

  • Guy

    I’m kinda torn on Anderson.

    On one hand, I commend him for his persistence. His 1st crack at the NBA didn’t pan out, so he spent the next 4-5 years bouncing between Europe & the D-League waiting(hoping?) for another chance. That chance came last year with the Raptors & he took advantage of it. Based on some of the talent in the league, it seems Anderson has earned himself a raise & more than a one year contract. So kudos to him for hanging in there.

    On the other hand, it got quite frustrating watching him chuck & chuck & chuck. Making it worse I suppose, was that Casey seldom reigned him in.

    I think he’d fit well as a 7-8th guy on a contending team. A team that had superior talent/players that would have no problem reminding him that he’s not Kobe-light, he’s journeyman Alan Anderson. If he would accept a lesser role off the bench, get his 10-15 minutes/game, he could probably be a nice depth player.

  • unknown

    omg Vince Face for sure….

  • mountio

    There isnt a player that I hope is gone next year more than AA. Not because hes our worst player (far from, actually). Not because he is (or will be) our most overpaid … hes WAAAY down that list.
    Just because he doesnt fit at all. We already have two volume shooting wings in the middle of their career in RG and DD. TR is potentially the future and the only one of the bunch who looks like he has legit NBA three point stroke. Hes not getting minutes as long as as AA is on the roster and DC is the coach. LF for all of his faults (namely he cant hit the broad side of a barn from outside of 8 feet) actually fits better as a compliment with our current wings.
    Bottom line, AA has to go. I wish him well .. and will always remember the couple of games where he was the only one on the court with the balls to shoot (OKC, NYK) and had a great performance. Unfortunately Ill also remember countless 2 for 9 performances that drove me absolutely crazy while TR was on the bench ..

  • Louvens Remy

    Alan Anderson is #theblackanthonyparker

  • grizzly73

    Great jab step. At least he attacks the basket once in awhile and actually got hot and won some games for the Raps.
    He played more than TRoss because the rook wasn’t ready. Casey obviously doesn’t hand the keys over to rook.

    AA, love him or hate, him is a hardened pro, valuable on a young team and useful off the bench. Somebody has to take those shots.

  • Reed

    This team doesnt need him. Casey instead will forced to play bigger lineups which he should have done from the start and use Fields and Ross more who are better players.

    • Statement

      Big ups to this comment.

      Though in the case of Ross, I wouldn’t say he’s better but he obviously has much more potential than Anderson.
      Anderson should be signed at whatever the cheapest rate is. If not, good-bye.

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