The Raptors failed to “win” the lottery. They had a 2.5% chance of moving into the top three but FAILED (another in the long line of Colangelo failures, of course). As such, the 12th pick will be conveyed to Oklahoma City via Houston from the Kyle Lowry trade. The trade finishes as the #12 pick (currently projected to be Michael Carter-Williams, for reference) for Lowry. Not bad.

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  • Better to give it up this year than wait and lose a higher pick down the road in a better draft.

  • I’d say this was one of Colangelo’s successes. He gives up a 12th pick in a mediocre draft for Lowry, and they are guaranteed to keep next year’s pick. For those waiting for me to be completely positive about something. Here it is. This was the best case scenario for this deal.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Agreed. The Colangelo “fail” was a joke, as if it was HIS fault the ping pong balls didn’t come up.

    • Guest

      I can defend Colangelo’s draft history but not his trade history. He was way too quick to give away draft picks.

    • leftovercrack

      Lowry is in the final year of his contract. After next year he will either walk or the Raptors will have to spend $6-$9 million a year to re-sign him. A rookie would be cheap for four years and might even be around and cheap with the Raptors are actually good. Acquiring Lowry was another step into mediocrity

      • Actually, I agree with this. I meant the success was that the Raptors didn’t move up into the top three, thus losing their pick this year. This was the best case scenario, but I’m still not a fan of the overall deal.

        • leftovercrack

          The ironic part of it all, is that if Lowry actually becomes as good as BC hoped he’d be next season, his value as a quality starting point guard who can defend would likely top $10 million a year (I’m not sure what the going rate is), which the Raptors would have trouble affording trapped in their current salary cap hell. Keeping Lowry appears contingent on his mediocrity

          • That’s, well, not funny, but true. A really good Lowry would probably fetch as much as $12 million or more. In 2015, the Raptor’s payroll will be,at least $60 million, and probably closer to $65, putting the Raptors in the luxury tax. That is, unless they amnesty Bargnani, or trade him for a shorter contract, which would require using additional assets. Oh, the humanity!!!

            • WhiteVegas

              Lowry won’t get anywhere near $12M. Probably more in the $8M-$9M range. Or maybe he averages near a triple double and becomes worth $12M, I just don’t see that happening.

              Also, any PG we got in this draft is not likely to be as good as Lowry….ever. So keep that in mind when viewing the trade. I still like it. Gives us a chance to contend next year instead of just missing out on the playoffs due to an inexperienced PG.

    • WhiteVegas

      That’s your first comment I’ve liked.

    • DumbassKicker

      “For those waiting for me….”

      lol, amazingly delu……um delightful, yeah that’s it!

      • Your constant attacks, not just on me, but anyone who you disagree with are getting extremely tiresome. Most of your comments don’t try to engage in conversation, or bring up any points, but simply insult. A word of advice. If you don’t have anything constructive to add to the conversation, please refrain from commenting. You are, by far, the biggest problem on the site, and if it continues, you will simply be banned from commenting.

        • DumbassKicker

          May I suggest you make your rules less nebulous before threatening to ban someone? Are people supposed to stick to discussing only your opinions, within specific confines, or can I not express my opinion of the nature of your comments, just like you’re doing yourself here?

          Dude, if you want to talk “tiresome”, a little balance from you would go a long way to helping the cause against that. Nobody associated with the Raptors is beyond reproach, but this is a “fan” site, and last i looked “fan” never has represented fanatical criticism of everything associated with a team, which is what you pound away with every freaking day. What really amazes me is how you spend your days criticizing people who aren’t here, but admonish me for only criticizing you, who is here to defend yourself. The truth hurts sometimes, but banning someone for it?

          As far as the insulting allegation goes, I’m not swearing, not calling childish names, or being racist or anything like that. I’m using words commonly used in adult conversations (that aren’t held around a campfire singing kumbaya) about the nature of what people are saying, just like your “tiresome”, “biggest problem”.

          • I don’t care whether you like it. The fact is that more than 90% of your comments are veiled or not so veiled insults. No, you’re not swearing, but you’re also adding almost nothing, and I’m getting sick of it. If you can’t behave yourself, then you’re gone, if for no other reason than I find it incredibly annoying.

            Act like a mature adult. That’s all I’m asking. If you respond to this comment, then I’m going to ban you. That’s how close you are to the line, here.

            • Bouncepass

              I’ll reply to this. I don’t know all of the interactions and discussions between you and this poster, so I can’t comment on the appropriateness of a ban. But I will say that my experience has been somewhat the same as a poster. Many of your commentaries end up focusing on the same themes, often negative and promoting a tear down of the team. Guess what, some fans don’t feel as negatively as you do, and they will want to express that. However, my experience has been that whenever your opinions or recommendations for the Raptors are challenged, you are highly defensive and often condescending. We get that you have been a long-time fan that is disappointed and disillusioned, but you need not use your bully pulpit to berate fans that feel differently than you.

            • Lucanwolf

              A ban for that this sounds like a personal problem . His wording is rather timid compared to most forums. You being a Mod should be head to a higher standard then this. The only threat is see is from you. Be the bigger man and just ignore him it’s that simple .

  • AB

    Idk…The potential of Dennis Schroeder is making me think otherwise.

  • Dr Scooby

    Good its done. Now we can gut the team and do a proper rebuild.

  • TRocket

    Lowry will bounce back next year

  • Guest

    One could argue that the actual best case scenario would have been to win the lottery, then make the playoffs for the many years to come. We’d lose an even lower pick in a far off draft, allowing us to add another piece immediately. Giving up the pick immediately is more an acceptable result than a best case scenario.

  • RaptorReuben

    Considering this season has been a disappointing one, but also considering what a healthy Lowry is able to do (just look back at his days in Houston), this trade was a win for the Raptors, but not by a lot. If I were to put this into a basketball game perspective, the Raptors win by 6-7 points against the other team.. Not much, but they get the win.

  • Arsenalist

    Prediction: The Raptors acquire a pick in this draft, and select a three-point shooter.

  • guest

    they should of kept calderon instead of lowry

    • george r

      Calderon was a expirimg contract and hes over 30 yrs old k low has an extra yr on his contract and is only 26 plus i think we cud get jose back in free agency

  • george r

    Kyle wus sacrafice cash to be on a playoff contending team like toronto next season then a team he was on last yr like houston

  • george r

    Colangelo made bad draft picks mainly bargnani so id rather get lowry then live with another one of his picks