This special edition of The Dr. Is In With PhdSteve is just complete nonsense! It’s a good healthy half hour of Steve and RR writer Tim W. arguing over just about everything NBA related. there is lots of Raptors talk for those of you starving for anything Raptors related at this time of year, in addition to a Pardon the Interruption style banter between two guys who both think they know a lot about basketball and yet rarely agree on anything!


  1. Is Tony Parker the most underrated player in the league? Going back to Steve’s call for a Parker trade
  2. Targeting John Wall – Washington’s view on Wall, and his availability, and whether the Raptors would even want him (article on Leonard)
  3. DeMar DeRozan – the pick then, the pick now, and what if he got drafted by the Spurs?
  4. The biggest mistake this franchise has ever made is….
  5. Terrence Ross’s chances of being better than DeRozan
  6. Casey’s strengths, how good is he at player development?
  7. Leiweke’s throwing around the word ‘money’ a lot, can the Raptors buy success?
  8. Tim’s pick for the NBA title…
  9. Looking back at Steve’s pick of how many games Miami will lose this playoffs
  10. More…

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10 Responses to “Rapcast #158: Pardon The Interruption”

    • Tim W.

      This whole “you hate this player” thing is ridiculous. No one hates DeRozon. There’s a difference between hating a player and being critical of his skills and play. I love DeRozan’s work ethic and attitude, but, for some reason, he simply hasn’t been able to translate that work ethic into the skills he needs. I think it’s too bad because I liked him as a prospect (although I’ve since looked back and realized that drafting a player that raw and expecting him to develop into what was hoped was not realistic).

      This isn’t an emotional argument, which is what some Raptor fans seem to have in response to criticism of certain Raptor players.

  1. TheDowJones

    I disagree with dudes statement on San Antonio not taking “mercurial” players. They did take on Stephen Jackson who worked out well for a couple years. Rudy Gay Kyle Lowy for John Wall a draft pick and someone

    • TheDowJones

      Whether or not a player is a head case is not the issue. It’s the environment you surround that player with that determines his upside. And environments can change for the good or bad. So in the end, it comes down to management

      • TheDowJones

        Then resign Calderon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be reaching but trade Bargs for Andre Drummond!!!! Imagine a front court of J.Val and Drummond in 3-5 years

        • nich obert

          Yeah, trade a contract nobody wants attatched to a player nobody wants for a player everybody wants attached to a contract everybody wants.

          Why not trade Rudy Gay for Al Horford while you’re at it? It being “drugging GMs and forging their signatures on utterly ludicrous deals”

  2. nich obert

    Wait. Would Toronto even want John Wałl?!
    You mean a guy who joined a 4-28 team, and proceeded to rip off a 25-20 record before DC benched everyone but him?

    You could resign Rudy Gay to a 500k a year deal, give DC your picks for the next 5 years and they wouldn’t trade Wałl for trash ass Rudy Gay.

    I love Kyle Lowry. Sucks that his career has been such a sea saw, even if its like 90% his fault.

    But c’mon. John Wałl was basically Derrick Rose once the mechanical fix to his jumper finally became something he was comfortable with and confident in. He’s 22 and can be a top 10 player, he demolished the two biggest knocks on him this year- can his jumper be fixed? Check! and can he make a team better?

    Well considering they played 32 games on lace to be the worst team ever, then he came back and they played 45 games on the level of a 4 seed (vs an appreciably better strength of schedule, and with the rest of the team being just as injured as before)

    There aren’t 10 guys in the league DC would trade Wałl for. And there are probably guys on that list of 9 who would be a bad idea. I’d say Lebron, Durant, and then have to debate anyone else. Definitely not Kyrie. Probably not Curry or George. Not Dwight. Not Parker or cp3 or Westbrook. Probably Rose if I saw him healthy again.

    I really don’t think you understand hw amazing Wałl is because he plays Toronto terribly


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