Blake will be coming up with a recap of sorts. Until then, you can check out all the pics here (thumbnail view), or use this silly little slideshow below. We also got some videos below:

Blake and Zarar Interview

Blown Layup

This guy nailed the LeBron Powder effect

MVP Presentation

One Single Highlight

Another Highlight

Much thanks to Abhinav Prakash for hooking this up:


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  • Statement

    For anybody curious (not likely), I’m the dude with the pained look on his face kneeling down on the left side in the main pic. I kind of got jobbed in that picture, lol.

    • saskraps

      Are you giving birth?

      • Statement

        I was trying to squeeze out a turd.

        • 2damkule

          well, it is a statement…

  • smh

    So much awesome there! wish we could have been there :(

  • Jake.Voshkul

    This looks like a truly awesome time. Well done RR and everyone who attended.

  • guest

    did Tim W play?

    • 2damkule

      i think tim’s in van-city…

  • cesco

    The tall guy on the right , he looks like Andrea twin brother but a little bit smaller .

  • Pong

    Will you guys run this again next year?

  • Statement

    It was a really great time though. Lots of fun with competitive games and good people.
    Good times.

  • DCRaps

    That powder vid is great – nailed it indeed. Before we make fun of the missed layup guy too much, I know from personal experience that those are deceptively hard.

  • bt

    Did Kelvin Lee make it? :)

  • Bryan Colangelo

    No Leiweke or Ujiri sightings?