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Links to the matchups can be found here.


  • Monday – West Conference Semis: Clean Cut Huskies vs Canadian Raptors, Purple and Red Fauxback vs Est. 1946
  • Tuesday – East Conference Semis: Sleek vs JT II, Fierce vs Boost
  • Wednesday – West Finals
  • Thursday – East Finals
  • Friday-Sunday: Finals

There is a 24 hour voting period for the conference semifinals and finals, whereas the finals will run through the weekend.

Good luck to all participants! Winner gets a DeRozan jersey plus two free tickets to a Raptors game – the jersey is courtesy of Raptors Superfan Brian Gerstein.

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  • KazanTheMan


  • Andre Julian Ward

    I really like the Sleek design.

  • mike, prague

    Pall ball R.I.P.

  • Ryu

    Yo ARSE, how about this: when you get to the final 2 designs, make one poll for the favorite of all the eliminated designs. Then have a poll for which of those 3 designs people would like to see matched in the Finals.
    Also, I thought you were going to submit the winner to MLSE? if you are going to submit any “Husky-based” design, you have to include that Maple Leaf + Claw Marks thing that Red Husky had going. Talk to whoever you have to (ie. both designers would have to agree), but just somehow make it happen!

    • arsenalist

      I’m sure MLSE checks this site and can pick whatever they want for motivation.

      Your idea about the best of the lost designs plus the two finalists is nice, but let’s not run this contest beyond this week. It’s been a good run.

      • Ryu

        Alright then, MLSE if you are reading this:
        Make your new jerseys a combination of Clean Cut Huskies (home and away jerseys), and Paw Ball + Red Huskies (alternate jerseys).
        Also, your team is heading for another treadmill season even though the new Slick-talking Executive Guy clearly said that is the worst thing for a team to do. Also, get rid of the damn pizza promotion for a 100 pts, and just give it when the Raps win (probably works out to roughly the same number of give-aways, plus you avoid the whole end of game awkwardness). Also, just stop sucking.
        That is all