‘Cause it’s all in my head, I hear this rumor over and over again…

So who you got? Are you with the Chad Fords, Marc Steins, Chris Broussards and Ken Bergers of the world? Or are you in Woj and the “hugs for friends” camp?

UPDATE (4:07 PM)

Alright, I feel compelled to spit my two cents on the matter, so here’s my #hotsprotstake: we win either way.

Let’s just face facts — this rumor won’t die until Lowry either gets dealt, or until the trade deadline passes. As far as the NBA hotstove goes, this year is barely cracking tepid. No obvious superstar is on the move — no Carmelo vs. the Nuggets, no Deron Williams to the Nets — which has led some reporters to cast their nets into smaller ponds. That’s not to say that they’re being disingenuous — there’s no Season Five of The Wire going on here, I hope — but as Omar Little would say, “fish gotta swim, you know what I’m saying?” This is their livelihood, and when nothing’s cooking, the Broussards totally credible reporters of the world need to light ’em mup (mup, mup).

I’m not implying that their reports are baseless. After all, how can you question the validity of “multiple sources with knowledge of the information?” There’s just nothing else going on out there, and Lowry’s an easy target. Here are the relevant facts about the situation, and I want you readers of RR to use your critical thinking skills and form your own conclusions:

  • Lowry is an impending unrestricted free-agent
  • Lowry is in the midst of a career year
  • Lowry is only owed 6 million dollars this season, meaning that contenders likely won’t have to cough up a rotation player to acquire him
  • Lowry plays point guard
  • The Knicks have a gaping hole at point guard
  • The Knicks want to make the playoffs this season because they have no first round draft pick and Carmelo can opt-out of his contract with the Knicks
  • The Knicks front-office leaks like a sieve
  • The Raptors front-office, especially under Ujiri, has a reputation to be tight-lipped
  • The Knicks play in New York City, which just happens to be the media capital of the world

Did you lean back in your chair and put the pieces to the puzzle? Was my last sentence a reference to Fat Joe and the Terror Squad? Are the “multiple sources” making things up?

And that’s not to say that Lowry definitely won’t be traded. Anyone in the NBA be had for the right price (except Durant and Lebron, because there isn’t a right price for either player), but at this point in the season, with the Raptors sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference (and therefore no realistic shot of tanking), Ujiri is happy either way. If a team blows his socks off, Ujiri gives Lowry a hug and wishes him farewell. If not, Ujiri stands pat and garners accolades for taking this team to the playoffs for the first time in six years.

So what I’m saying is this: if Lowry gets traded, we win. If he doesn’t get traded, we still win.

UPDATE (4:59 PM)

(h/t: commentor sitnonDfence)

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  • Rah

    Hoping Ujiri is playing it so that teams feel compelled to make him an offer that he can’t refuse.

    • Ian Reynolds

      Yeah all he did was just raise the price now. Even if he’s telling the truth. Still think the likeliest outcome is either sign him for 8 a year or less, or sign him for more than 8 and trade him early next year.

      • Dr.Scooby


  • SachinArora19

    Woj over everything.

  • tonious35

    Just make sure Lowry, Amir, Ross, Val, and DeRozen can experience the playoffs this year. All up to Scouting, drafting, and trades with MU and the upper office people. At least I am excited about off season as well (yay, no Jim Kelley screwing up things). Unlike BCo & Anthopolous, Masai is putting faith into a farm system that he is building and taking responsibility for in the future.

    • truth be told

      But all of the players you mentioned were players BC acquired.

      How can Masai be putting faith into players that BC had already brought in but BC and company weren’t putting faith into the exact same young players?

      • Tanks-a-lot

        Most players will play well once a good GM flushes the cancer out.

      • tonious35

        True that for sure, but BCo would be doing stupid management actions in a later time that would poison his good/great draft picks progression. Think of a chef getting all the right grade a ingredients to the best damn souffle, but he throws cyanide in it like a dumbass.

  • sitnonDfence

    Adrian Wojnarowski: Adds an executive with a team that’s been a suitor of Kyle Lowry, “We’ve heard it from (Toronto) that he won’t be moved.” Twitter @WojYahooNBA

    Toronto Raptors, Trade, Kyle Lowry

    – See more at: http://hoopshype.com/rumors.htm#sthash.Bz8UDK8l.dpuf
    Case closed.

    • DDayLewis

      Hardball is called hardball for a reason. It’s still possible that Lowry gets traded, and that Ujiri is playing hardball through the media.

  • ItsAboutFun

    Not happening. Just trade deadline rumour mongering for hits, using old story lines.

  • ckh26

    Love the rumour mill but thats all it is.

    Its doubtful the Ujuri even says much in the confessional on Sunday so what in the name of all thats holy would any of Berger, Woj, Broussard, Forde know about whats on his mind.

    Typing the phrase “according to sources” is just so lazy and lame. I wonder when fact checking and journalism took separate paths to the dance.

  • Jeffrey Yau

    Perfectly happy signing him to ~7-8 a year.

    • mountio

      how about at $11-12?

      • Jeffrey Yau

        I feel like anything over 10 would a stretch, but that’s just me.

        • mountio

          Im with you (and I think most raps fans are too) – $7-8 mm is a no brainer and a bargain. The trouble is that I think some other team goes double digits. Soooo .. what do we do then?

    • Christopher Bird

      I’d be happy finding a hundred-dollar bill on the street today but that’s probably not going to happen either.

      Straight talk: if Lowry, who is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference right now, was willing to re-sign for $8m a year, the Raptors could simply extend him right now, and that would be a bargain and they’d be crazy not to do it. Since the Raptors have not extended Lowry, there are two possible conclusions:

      1. They are crazy, or
      2. Lowry wants more money. Given that he is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference right now, this is hardly unreasonable.

      Now, given that Lowry is, again, the best point guard in the Eastern Conference right now, I think he’s a lock to get offered at least $10-11m. That is where the bidding war for him will start, not finish. There are two very spendy teams that don’t have a proper point guard come 2014: the Lakers and the Knicks. Detroit is also a definite possibility since Jennings could easily be moved to scoring guard and since they’ll have $20m in expirings as Stuckey and Villaneuva come off their books, and if they don’t max Greg Monroe or trade him they’re gonna spend that money on somebody and Lowry and Luol Deng will be the best options.

      These are just things to keep in mind.

      • stooley

        The Knicks do not have the cap space to sign Lowry.

        The Lakers are trying to keep their cap sheet free for 2015, where they want to make a splash with either Love or Westbrook. If they sign Lowry, then they have too much money tied up in Nash, Lowry, Kobe to do that.

        • Christopher Bird

          For the Lakers, Nash expires in 2015 so they can afford to both sign Lowry and then pursue Nash and/or Westbrook, assuming they don’t simply request a sign-and-trade where we take back, for example, Nash and the Lakers’ 2014 draft pick (or something similar). Hell, they might simply sign-and-trade Lowry with us and then, come 2015, use Lowry in a second sign-and-trade with Minnesota or OKC to get Westbrook or Love. Mitch Kupchak is a smart GM and I can easily see him doing that sort of thing.

          The Knicks would have to sign-and-trade to get Lowry, but they’d probably be willing to spend more on a sign-and-trade than they would on a trade right now (because it’s not just a rental for them in a sign-and-trade). If we loot some picks and/or THJ or Shump from the Knicks on a Lowry sign and trade, that would be quite acceptable return. Hell, we could consider even taking the Amare contract off New York’s hands so that we have a super-amazing amount of cap space in 2015 if it meant looting more assets from the Knicks.

          My only point is this: if a team makes a rich offer for Lowry that we are not willing to match – and you have to imagine that there’s an upper limit that the Raps are willing to spend on him – we’re going to lose him, regardless of how much we loot from the other team in a sign-and-trade. GMs have to respect player choice in the NBA when it comes to signing, and if Lowry tells Masai that he really wants to play in New York for lots of money, then Masai will call up the Knicks and do his best to make it happen.

      • Shadow Of Christ

        Because Lowry isn’t a restricted FA, Toronto cannot negotiate his contract until season’s end. It sucks, but that’s the way it goes.

  • photoman

    I trust Woj more than the other guys. He’s usually on the money with these things.

  • ScottBaird

    Just pay him whatever, the guy’s the best PG in the east right now.

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    why doesnt ujiri call boston for rondo