All-Star Weekend

Video Collection: Top-10 Raptor Dunkers Not Named Vince Carter

We all know Vince is the best dunker in team history, but the franchise has had an embarrassment of dunking riches.

Happy All Star Weekend! Basketball fans around the world are set for three nights of celebrity, skill competitions and the gentle reminder that the WNBA still exists.

With all due respect to the rest of the Saturday night lineup*, the Slam Dunk Competition is what we all tune in for. The Raptors obviously have a storied history with the event thanks to Vince Carter and that magical night in 2000. But in terms of dunking in general, Vince isn’t the only Raptor to provide some of the best in-game hops in the NBA. Air Canada will always top the list as the best dunker in Raptor history, that’s not debatable. In terms of the rest, here’s a breakdown of the Top 10.

*2 Ball rest in peace

#10 Chris Bosh

Before he took his talents to South Beach, Bosh wasn’t afraid to throw down. With such a deadly jumper, defenders had to stay on their toes allowing him to turn a sweet pump fake into a nice poster finish. Take note Jonas.

#9 Fred Jones

In his glorious 39 game career as a Raptor Fred Jones put together some highlight reel moments. The 2004 Dunk Champion is listed at 6’2 and that might be generous. Everyone loves the little guy and seeing Jones go above the rim was always impressive.

#8 The Raptor

With a season filled with feel good moments and foundation building highlights it’s safe to say that the one dark spot on this franchise has been Stripes. The guy is a disgrace. Get well Raptor. You are missed.

#7  Joey Graham

Joey Graham. Truth be told, after checking his career stats aren’t that horrible. His field goal percentage is .483. Not bad, right? Glass half full? Whatever, dude could dunk.

#6 Sonny Weems

Com Tech Teacher: Ok Lennox, what do you have for your final assignment?

Lennox: I’ve made a video montage of the Top 10 Sonny Weems plays.

Com Tech Teacher: Sunny who?

Lennox: Sonny Weems. He’s a future NBA Superstar. Hit play.

#5 Keon Clark

Some of the craziest hops in team history. Explosive off the dribble and countless put-back jams. No one is stealing this guy’s fruit cup.

#4 Tracy McGrady

Most of us remember McGrady as the guy that bounced the ball for Vince’s ridiculous between the legs competition dunk in 2000. But if it weren’t for his Raptor teammate, T Mac easily wins the 2000 title. He was also one of the first players to successfully complete an alley-opp off the backboard during a game.

#3 Jamario Moon

Narrowly ahead of McGrady on the list only because of his in-game dunks and the fact that McGrady can actually contribute in other ways. Moon’s specialty was playing above the rim and his ability to bring fans out of their seats kept him in the NBA for 4 years. Not to mention the guy’s last name is Moon! Come on.

#2 Terrence Ross

Kenneth Faried still wakes up screaming on a nightly basis. Slam Dunk Champion and the raw skills that have the rest of the league taking notice. Freaking love this guy.

#1 Demar Derozan

No player has been robbed more blatantly at the Slam Dunk Competition than Demar. Apparently he made the mistake of relying on talent as opposed to ridiculous props and gimicks. “You’re gonna do an alley-oop reverse windmill? Sounds cool. But this guys has a choir and Baron Davis sticking out of a KIA sooo… sorry man. Go back to Canada.”

And in terms of in-game dunks, Demar is a fearless as any Raptor in team history at going to the rim. The guy has heart, hustle and hops. Expect at least one poster moment from the All Star Game on Sunday night.

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