This somehow escaped us this morning – Daniels could be off to Europe:

Second-round selection DeAndre Daniels, a combo forward who helped lead Connecticut to an NCAA championship in April, also is in the mix and currently is in Los Angeles working out with Caboclo, DeRozan and Johnson, but Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri has indicated Daniels will be stashed in Europe for a year to get some much-needed playing time.

DeAndre Daniels’s was selected with the 37th pick in the draft – to know more about him, check out his DX profile, excerpt below:

Although his release isn’t ultra-quick, he has a high release point on his shot, which coupled with his size allows him to get his jumper off from a very difficult vantage point for defenders to contest. He was effective both with his feet set and off the dribble this season, and has the added bonus of being able to hit difficult turnaround jumpers from the mid and low-post over either shoulder, something UConn head coach Kevin Ollie utilized frequently as the season moved on.

Daniels played a variety of roles and positions for UConn this season, seeing time at small forward, power forward and even at center in small doses depending on the matchup, something that’s possible thanks to his superior size and length. Although his defense was very inconsistent for most of the season, he showed great potential down the stretch when he was fully engaged and dialed in, showing the ability the lock down perimeter players and big men alike with his long reach and solid footwork. He shows nice timing as a shot-blocker, allowing him to average a solid 2+ blocks per-40 minutes in each of his three seasons at UConn, sometimes recovering nicely to make a play at the rim even after getting beat off the dribble.

Here are some DeAndre Daniels YouTube Highlights:

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10 Responses to “Report: DeAndre Daniels Likely Off To Europe”

  1. Nilanka15

    It’s probably for the best. Couldn’t see him cracking the rotation this year.

  2. Bendit

    If he fills out some more he could be a 2Pat clone…not bad for a 2nd rounder.

    • juvbb

      By him not being on the the raps, the team delays when they pay him and also do not use a roster spot. Though the player needs to “agree” and it seems he has.

  3. tonious35

    Shows the class and IQ of Daniels, this warrants Masai to keep him. D-Leagues don’t develop the discipline and skill as Europe.

  4. mcHAPPY

    Send him to Europe for a year.
    if he develops as anticipated, he takes Fields’ spot next season.
    Sign him for minimum with team options.
    Maximize cap space next summer with a roster spot filled at absolute minimum.

  5. IceManLikeGervin

    Shouldn’t Bruno be the one being stashed in Europe instead of DeAndre?? DeAndre offers more to the roster depth than Bruno for 2014-15….


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