That’s the Raptors third string point guard right there.  The 23-year old attended McClymonds High in Oakland, then played 116 games for the Montana Grizzlies in Division I, before going undrafted in 2013.  Then he played on the Pelicans summer league team in 2013, before doing the same for Cleveland this summer.  Last season he was with the Canton Charge of the D-League.

His DX profile doesn’t stay much but on the evidence of watching him at Summer League he’s a quick little guard at 6’0″ who can distribute the ball in spots and has that herky-jerkyness about him that is reminiscent of T.J Ford.  He’s unlikely to get too many minutes and is here entirely for injury purposes.  He does play some aggressive defense and you can see Dwane Casey using him in situations where full-court pressure might be warranted.

His shooting stats won’t blow you away – 45% in D-League and only 30% for three.  He’s here for his defense and ball-handling, that’s about it. He averaged 11.6 points and 4.5 assists in 30.3 minutes per game.

If Lucas Nogueira’s contract is bought out, this would bring the Raptors roster to 15. sums up his strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths: Tough player who prides himself on his defense … Good on-ball defender … Great in the passing lanes, one of the premier theft artists in the NCAA during his time at Montana … Very good nose for the ball, contributed on the glass well for a PG … Played big minutes through most of his career while mostly guarding the other teams best player … Has some penetrating ability offensively … Got to the line quite a bit, aggressive … Cut down fouls by a nice margin as a senior … Showed improvement as a passer, gets his teammates involved … Showed leadership qualities, led the Griz to two straight NCAA Tournament berths out of the Big Sky … Solid quickness with and without the ball … Wiry strong, not afraid of contact, competitor

Weaknesses: After seemingly improving as an outside shooter as a junior, struggled greatly as a senior, particularly from 3 point range … Turned the ball over at a very high rate … Despite the recent success of Damian Lillard, the Big Sky does still tend to bring up question marks surrounding ones level of competition faced … Sat out teams first 7 games with a broken foot, than missed some more time when he reinjured the foot in early March … Relatively small and can have trouble with size, particularly on the offensive end … Has struggled when facing NBA level PG opponents during his time at Montana

It’s a two-year minimum salary deal, so $507,336 and $845,059 (thanks, DanH).  No word on whether the second year is guaranteed, highly doubt it.  Here are some highlights, courtesy of commenter DDD:

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  • DDD

    one of his highlight vids from a game in april in the D-League. seems like a good enough 3rd pg

  • Andre Julian Ward

    “He’s here for his defense.” – Anyone remember this being said about Julyan Stone?

    • DDayLewis


      • Richard Garcia

        The guy from Denver. Oh yeah, that was Forbes.

        • DDayLewis


          • Vimsanity

            Voshon Lenard! … am I doing this right??

            • arsenalist

              I think he means Sonny Weems.

              • afrocarter

                Marcus Banks, perhaps?

                • Say my Ney, Say my Neymar

                  Milt Palacio?

                • arsenalist

                  Quincy Douby says wusup

    • why

      and Julian Wright and Antoine Wright and numerous other useless players from the past

      • plaid coast

        antione wright was the worst because he thought he was gary payton

  • Raps22

    Does he go to the d league?

  • Thornbury

    Ah… Looks alright against d-league defence. Would love to see some of his defence if there is such a video. I realize this is our third string point guard but the real reason for my post is to lament the fact that we have just given up our final roster spot. It also seems to me that they have given up the ghost on somehow getting Ennis from the pg heavy Suns. Fuck, the Suns are gonna run a 4 pg line-up a some point this year. Yikes. Welcome Will Cherry

  • DanH

    It’s not 500k per year – it is 500k this year and 900k next year. Minimum deals follow the minimum salary by year.

    To be precise, it is $507,336 and $845,059.

    • arsenalist

      Thank you.

  • hyperdouche

    Wait, what? Is Nogueria’s contract being bought out a thing?

    I thought he was going to play the Sonny Weems/Linas Kleiza role for Caboclo this year! Plus, we also have no other centres.

    • hyperdouche

      Nevermind, I think I mis-read that comment. Bought out from SPAIN?

    • rob

      You realize Nogeuria is a center right?

      • hyperdouche

        Yeah, that’s what I meant. The way it’s written in the article, it sounded to me that Nogeuria would be bought out from the Raptors and made a free agent/cut ties. I was confused because I thought he was going to be Caboclo’s Brazilian acclimatization buddy as well as being our 2nd or 3rd centre. I think I get it now though.

        • Vimsanity

          Yup, bought out from Spain. Jose/Jorge, Bosh/Jack, Linas/Jonas, Rudy/Kyle, Bruno/Bebe, etc. Recently, it seems like the Raptors have always kept it a priority to bring in old buddies/countrymen for guys on the team.

  • johng_3

    Cherry killed it in the summer league for the Cavs against the Spurs:

  • Zimdim

    His main role: To play hard D vs Lowry in Practice.

  • tonious35

    If he nails a jumper, can we call it that he “pops a CHERRY”?

    • MoPeteRules

      If by jumper you mean a virgin! But that would be weird if that was your thing, you know. Watching Will Cherry bang virgins while yelling “and he pops another CHERRY”

    • afrocarter

      LMAO dead. And, conversely, if he’s in a shooting slump, we can say “his shot is in the pits”.

  • Eunys

    Welcome Will Cherry! But i would have prefered to hear that we sign Andre Blatche.

  • tonious35

    saw the highlights. Plays a “compact” game, in a Lowry-ish type style. Hope he prospers on this chance in the pre-season!

  • mike, prague

    Him playing will most certainly be the Cherry on top of blowouts

  • afrocarter

    All things considered, I certainly prefer a move like this over a back-up big man. With Bebe & Chuck behind JV, plus all the small ball I imagine Coach will want to play (with Amir/Chops at the 5), there just wasn’t that much of a need for a “3rd-string C”.

    • webfeat

      I disagree. There are a lot of centers against whom Chuck doesn’t defend well, and Bebe’s unproven. The only 4 that’s 5-worthy is Amir, and you don’t want him playing too many minutes. PsychoT and 2Pat are super undersized to be playing the 5, even for small ball. If JV goes down, the team is gonna be in the pooper.

  • robertparish00

    Canton vs Sioux Falls…an instant classic.

  • Adriiian

    can’t wait for next season!! LETS GO RAPSSS

  • DinoMex

    Ujiri, give him a chance to Gustavo Ayon, 29 years, UFA a large and efficient center. That led the national team to win the FIBA Americas, above Argentina.

    Not be expensive. After a shoulder injury, and nobody has given some confidence. He the back up center we need

    • Tee

      he’s pretty shit dude

    • Jik

      Stop pretending you’re not Gustavo Ayon.

    • Truth Teller

      29 years old?

      He has done nothing and will continue to do nothing at home.

  • database_666

    based on the clip in the text, he reminds me quite a bit by the stature and style of play of Raymond Felton.

    • Truth Teller

      Fat one or pre-fat husky one?

  • Truth Teller

    “Tough player who prides himself on his defense”

    Welcome to the Raptors. I didn’t even care about anything after that.