Chuck Hayes

Morning Coffee – Fri, Nov 21


Last home game before schedule turns | Chuck Hayes: Always Ready; also the new IT person on team | Amazing collection of Raptors commercials through the years


Morning Coffee – Wed, Nov 19


Casey to limit Lowry and DeMar’s minues | Is honouring VC now valuing PR over common sense? | Raptors host Grizzlies | Raptor fans beaten over the head with legacy of time over achievement

Lou Williams and James Johnson

Morning Coffee – Tue, Nov 18


Johnson injury sever, Landry to fill in? | Starters show unity | Kickestarter for Superfan Documentary | Williams big off the bench | Bruno getting too much practice?


Morning Coffee – Mon, Nov 17


No more pump fakes | Stats don’t tell full story on JJ | DeRozan and Casey: two old souls cut from same cloth | DeMar having a rough start


Morning Coffee – Wed, Nov 12


James Johnson is spicy and crazy | Bench key to win | White Squad always gets it done | Americans think the Raptors are overachieving | When Vasquez speaks, you listen | Ujiri to chase Durant

Jonas Cousteau

Morning Coffee – Tue, Nov 11


Raptors atop the East but can improve | The bench coming through in crunch time | Lowry early MVP candidate by the numbers | Raptors host the Magic