Gambling! Free (as If I’d charge for this) picks for April 7th, 2006

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Making some picks today, let’s see how we do. Lines are from

Boston @ Philly – Take Philly paying 1.50
I’m not an insider but I think Philly hates Boston and won’t allow a home setback.

Dallas @ San Antonio – Take the over: Boundary at 186.5 and paying 1.909
This is not a statement game. Don’t get fooled by the big name teams. This is a time for rest, especially on defense.

Pacers @ Knicks – Take the over: Boundary at 195 and paying 1.909
Defense here is about as present as a white guy on BET.

Pacers @ Knicks – Take the Knicks covering the +8 and paying 1.909
I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Knicks might actually be up for this one.


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