Cousin Shahid reminisces about the NBA

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bosh is killing lately. Okur, man he’s a dangerous big man, because he can bang under the basket and he kills from three point range. his game is so much like bill laimbeer from the old school pistons. the team with vinnie the microwave johnson. lol. man i wish you could have seen this dude play. i swear there were only a few players who could just catch fire and literally be completely unstoppable. even if you put three men on them. Jordan and vinnie johnson were the two. then maybe, bernard king, alex english, dominique wilkins, kevin johnson, kiki vandeweghe. and this other cat world b. free. his name was actually lloyd free, but he changed it to world b free back in the seventies. it was a peace love and hippie marijuana kind of thing. but i saw him catch fire once and just come down the court like ten times in a row and pull up from thirty feet and just drain it. and this was before the three pointer, everything was a two. but the hottest stretch i EVER saw was from this one cat, eric ‘sleepy’ floyd. he was an ok player, nothing special. he played for the GS warriors and they faced the lakers in the playoffs one year and were getting the crap beat out of them. i was watching this game and i swear something got into him suddenly. it was like God smiled on him all of a sudden because he became unconscious and went on a scoring binge that i still have never witnessed. even with kobe scoring 81, even with jordan versus the trail blazers when he shrugged his shoulders next to cliff robinson.

interesting web site:

go to this web site and its number 39. there’s even video, although it short and doesn’t do justice to the actual feat. the man was hitting shots that no human should even attempt, let alone make against a great lakers team. i think he went 12 for 13 in the quarter or sonmething.

honorable mention goes to reggie miller on the knicks scoring 25 in the fourth quarter and isiah scoring 25 on a badly sprained ankle.

in fact the greatest feats i’ve ever witnessed on a basketball court are:

  • jordan playing with the flu against the jazz
  • olajuwon playing during ramadan with no water
  • isiah playing on a severly sprained ankle and STILL catching fire

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