Toronto vs. Houston, 12:30

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No significant pre-game post today because of yesterday’s (read it) mid-season (read it) analysis (reading it cures impotence! Get on it!), but I couldn’t resist prospect of posting a…

Girl Talk: Rafer Alston

As of this very moment…I vow to myself to never view this site again…yall can have Rafer’s lying ass…he will NEVER change….and all our stupid assess are waiting around for him to choose us??? Why the fuck should he….hell, we are content with knowing he is fucking everyone else. Well im tired of the bullshit…this site….his sidekick….his lies…..I love myself enough to know I’m worth more than free tickets to a game, a few trips here and there, a couple of bottles of Grey Goose, bragging rights that im fucking someone who plays for the NBA, and a 10 minute fuck..15 if im lucky…..fuck that. Please take his ass and do with him what you wish…

You don’t need them tricks, Skip. You’ve got all the Head you need right there.

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