Roll Call – Nov 28 vs Hawks

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The “bandwagon will be leaving from track 8” edition.

Adams – Sam must really wonder why his boss brought this guy in.  Vincenzo Esposito is probably deserving of more playing time than this boil on the ass of our ballclub. Brilliant move by Sam to add another DNP-CD beside this golden nugget’s name.

Bargnani – Sam told him what he needed to work on at the end of last season and the (still) young man has evidently listened. Picked up fouls like the Old Bargs, but they weren’t bad fouls. I still think I felt my floor shake when he “attacked the rim” on that dunk. I think the backboard even covered up it’s nuts on that one and hoped for the best.

Bosh – Sam donned a repairman’s cap and went to Bosh’s condo to free him from the elevator before this game started. Showing that pre-game warmups are indeed important to good starts, CB4 didn’t look comfortable at all to start. It all came back to him, though, and he took on Pachulia with some force. Those two had quite the battle for a great portion of the game and it was nice to see Bosh feed off it.


Calderon – Sam must sit down, look at the schedule, circle the games Bibby plays against us, and just know that it’s going to be a long night. Of course, with Jose playing starters minutes now and actually being played hard by opposing teams, every night is a long night. You have to start to wonder if it isn’t time to start providing Jose with some help in the half-court. Opposing guards are burning us way too much and way too easily. Also, does Calderon look for anybody else OTHER than Bosh?  Ever?

Graham – Sam found the remote for J.Graham and has learned how to use it. Joey had another “on” game tonight with 11 points and 5 boards, giving him 2 straight solid games, his best stretch since……driveway hoops against his brother.

Humphries – Sam didn’t draw up one play for Smooth Like Sandpaper, but Kris was able to leave his mark grabbing some nice boards. Not sure he should ever try taking hook shots again, though.

Jawai – Sam was heard to wonder if an enlarged heart means you can only afford the one sport jacket you’ve seen this Jawai guy in since the start of the season. George Richard’s needs to get this guy in for a makeover. Maybe if they show him different styles and colours, he will take it to heart.

Kapono – Sam finally sat down with Kap and explained what a play was. He also evidently showed him part one of Shooting with Dell, the Charlotte Years. Not only did he knock down 16, but he made a pass that eclipses anything Calderon has done this season. Killer stuff. Sam knows how he do.

Moon – Sam thought he would go to the well one more time and start Moonshine. He had another one of the shot happy nights were he rises up and you yell “Geeeeezus Kriiiiist” but tonight it was followed by “swish” enough times that you were okay with it. Still, he should have taken advantage of mismatches a lot more than he did and his movement without the ball is still in the league of the pace one plays cricket.

O’Neal – Sam barely noticed he was gone since, well, we won again without him. Speaking of gone, why isn’t he on the bench?

Parker – Sam’s trip to the witchdoctor for some Fountain of Youth water did the trick. AP was, well, the AP we love. The D he played for most of the fourth quarter was phenomenal. He had a few gaffes the rest of the way and Johnson did miss some open shots, but on both ends of the floor, Parker played well. He also seemed a lot more vocal than he has been this season. I truly believe this could be the catalyst for him.

Solomon – Sam rolled the dice and, while he didn’t break the house, he made some coin. I fully expected to hear some pretty loud boos when Will entered the game, but only heard a smattering. The one good play Devlin made out he made was a borderline foul call, in my opinion. No turnovers, though, and in double the PT of Roko, he did doubly as good in the stat sheet.

Ukic – Sam threw the dog a bone and he, well, sniffed it and seemed to lose interest. 3min of play resulting in nothing stats-wise but some floor time to keep his head into the playbook and further his NBA experience. However, remember the saying: you can lead a horse to water….

Driving The Bus:   Anthony Parker

Under The Bus:    Hassan Adams

Game Theme:      Genius

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