Quick Sunday morning round-up

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It’s an early 12:30 PM start today against the Hornets so we’ll keep this short since we’ll be doing some proper live blogging for the game not too long from now. Check out the Opening Tip to find out how David West stays in shape during the off-season.

There’s not much going on, we’re still gleaming after the win over the Nets and talking about how great out defence was and how everything’s gradually getting better. The Nets might be a nice win but we still haven’t beaten a solid team all year long. Yeah, that’s right, not a single win against a legitimate playoff team. The opening night Philly win felt really right but then we found out that Philly’s worse than us. Oh yeah, they also fired their coach just like us. Cheeks would’ve been gone early last season if they hadn’t made that second-half run to salvage a playoff spot.

Dave Feschuk is talking about Jay Triano and his lack of a quick hook which allowed Jason Kapono to stay in the game despite starting 0-6 and the resurgence of Joey Graham. Nothing new really but he does report a pretty funny zinger from Jay Triano directed at Jamario Moon. A modest two game win streak can change a lot of the negative atmosphere around a club but it can all end with a loud thud with another uninspired home performance against Mo Pete and New Orleans.

The Knicks could look to bring in Carlos Delfino who has an out in his contract with BC Khimki and would be allowed to return to the NBA. The Raptors do still hold his rights so the Knicks would have to go through us. There was talk of a Delfino return earlier in the year when Moon and Graham were producing zilch for us. I still think it would be a good idea to have him on the bench, especially since we have two open roster spots. Colangelo needs to release Will Solomon, deal with Nathan Jawai and acquire another big in case O’Neal goes down. Bosh and Humphries are not enough to sustain this team through any kind of a playoff push.

Last year David West went off for 32 against Bosh making him look rather fragile through aggressive post-play. Bosh’s body is too wiry to handle David West and last year I thought we made the mistake of sticking Rasho on Chandler and Bosh on West. To give Bosh a breather I’d put O’Neal on West and let Bosh handle the less threatening Chandler. I’m sure Jay Triano will adjust if there’s early abuse.

There’s talk that Steve Nash might be heading for an exit in Phoenix and his likely destination could be in the Atlantic with the Knicks. As nice as a player David Lee is, I don’t see him running the two-man game with Nash ala Amare. Would the Raptors be interested in a Jose-Nash swap? Bryan Colangelo just might be crazy enough to make the switch, Nash’s salary comes off in 2010 along with O’Neal’s so you won’t be tying yourself down to salary more than you already have. Jose’s got a much longer and potentially rewarding career ahead of him so it would be a risky swap. On the other hand you have to wonder if you pass up acquiring a two-time league MVP, imagine Nash and Bosh on the screen ‘n roll?

No TSN2 on Rogers yet. That’s about your Sunday morning wrap-up. Live blog and chat at 12:30 PM EST.

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