Roll Call – Feb 22 vs Knicks

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The “flash in the pan” edition

Banks – DNP – BTR  (did not play – back to reality)

Bargnani – hotter than watching Salma Hayek breastfeed. Couple of nice blocks, goes off for 28, but has to reign in some of those turnovers.

Bosh – the usual suspects will rip him, yet he still put up a double double and brought it on the defensive  end.  What I am hoping happened today is that he started to realize he actually has some competent help for the rest of the season and he doesn’t have to force stuff. We’ll see.

Calderon – nice game and we have to give him credit for at least allowing us not to see Banks. Still drives me crazy when he looks guys off. One on possession alone, he had a clear path to pass to Marion and he went for his own shot instead. Yes, he had the touch, but ball movement is key for this team to win.

Graham – was merely a spoke in the wheel today. Didn’t help, but also didn’t hurt.  Hope he knows he has just over 20 games left to make an impression on somebody, otherwise he and his bro will be syncing their Google calendars next year.

Humphries – no doubt will be throwing the Teedot’s swankiest Oscar party tonight, full of fine foods and the best wines.

Jawai – DNP – WOPSI (did not play – working on pape sow impersonation)

Kapono – back to handling the ball like it was a burning piece of coal and, to his credit, most of his shots hit their mark. I still think he and Marion will have the toughest time finding a groove together.

Marion – 16pts, 15 boards, hustle, talking on the floor, pissed off (and saying it) at how they played in NYC, playing to the crowd, attacking the rim to follow missed shots….Could have sworn that other guy was supposed to do that when we got him in the summer. Hope all you HO supporters have enjoyed watching what the rest of us expected and never got.

O’Bryant – DNP – GUTI  (did not play – get used to it)

Parker – I swear this guy is like watching a woman go through menopause…you just never know what you are going to get. He’s like Joey G, but with talent. Bizarre. Today he made amends for Friday’s shutout and amassed 24 points and even threw in a few HO “I never commit a foul” impersonations.

Ukic – no point guard should lose track of the clock at the end of a quarter. No rookie PG should argue a travelling call for almost a minute after he, you know, actually did travel. Otherwise a half decent game in limited minutes backing up Jose. What scares me is this is probably the best this roster can play, which means on most nights we will see more Roko and more Banks.

Voskuhl – DNP – LIPHB  (did not play – life is passing him by)

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Roko Ukic

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