Roll Call

Roll Call – Mar 15 vs Pacers

The “more whistles than Caribana” edition…

Banks – Of space a waste. Never be a major part of an NBA team, he will. Hmmmmmm.

Bargnani – Suffering from the flu, but showing, still ball can he, when he is sick. Finally showing flashes of what a number one pick, been doing a year ago, should have.

Bosh – the only part of his usual game missing tonight was a double digit FTA number. Otherwise, status quo for the second best franchise player this team has ever had.

Calderon – doing a great job of shutting his critics up (and down) over the past 2 games. It will be nice to see him close the season off like that. Add me to the believe it when I see it category. Great job on TJ tonight and he effortlessly showed us he can be the player we thought we re-signed. Keep it up.

Graham – SuperFan probably scored more than Joey did today. Here’s hoping his folks got a cheap flight, because unless they came to see Joey pull down some boards, their trip was probably a write off.

Humphries – With fire in the mouth he who speaks, suffer many painful scars, will.

Kapono – noticed his hustle again today. Didn’t translate into a great stat sheet, but he was fighting to make himself available and was looking to help on D. That said, his man was also left as open as a stripper at last call, but…….

Marion – one nice dunk does not a game make.  Still MIA most of the game and probably a healthy part of the reason that Bargs is finding success lately, but still a shadow of what we saw when he first came here. Checked out already and looking for a home elsewhere? On it you may bank.

Mensah-Bonsu – he was okay.

O’Bryant – 2 for 2 with 3 boards in 7 minutes. To say he is more productive than Jake is like saying Jordan was a better scorer than Manute.

Parker – just brutal. If I saw it correctly, I think Triano yanked him early in the first due to his inability to do anything well. I’m usually defending the guy to others, but it would be pretty hard to after that start. Did he pick it up later in the game? Sure, but had we been playing almost anybody else in the league it would have been too little too late, like birth control for his sister.

Ukic – his Facebook staus at 11:30am: showed up at arena, saw different jersey in locker, cried much. Told it was for Irish day. Pig farm still safe in Pickering. No need to slaughter and have feast.

Voskuhl – about the only guy in the entire NBA that probably looks forward to scrimmage more than an actual game: no foul calls and he knows he will see the floor.

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker

Game Theme:



By the way, watched 3 days of pretty good CIS basketball in Ottawa this weekend. The future is bright for this country on the hardwood. Congrats to Carleton.

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