Roll Call – Mar 27 vs Thunder

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The “orange crushed” edition

Banks – here is hoping his injury spurs BC to dump his sorry ass.

Bargnani – anybody else kind of giggle to themselves everytime they see the look of shock on Andrea’s face when he gets called for a foul. That mouthguard makes him look like some “special” kid trying to compute things in his head.

Bosh – another double double before half and a nice halftime on-court interview to once again show that, even in personal dark times, he is indeed the franchise player and the best player this team has on and off the court.

Calderon – nice game that was topped off by that tight shot of him on the bench slapping palms with Kapono as Kap was coming off and making out the touch burned Jose’s hand. He laughed like an exchange student learning an American custom for the first time and even showed Matrix how funny it all was. Cute. First he learned how to make himself look Asian and now this. Next up, fun with hotel bedsheets.

Douby – wow. Do you think those eyebrows gave his birth mother some carpet burns in her vajayjay when he was born? The girls at the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty counter must drool when they see those puppies.

Graham – kid was treating the rim like it was a donut and he was Homer Simpson. Nice aggressive game tonight and the kind we need when we are in games that matter. You know, like next year.


Jawai – if this team was a zoo, he is the armadillo.

Humphries –  

Kapono – would love to ask him what the deal is with him touching his face after every shot he makes. Is he wiping the blood from the busted heart of his opponent? Is it a signal to Doug Christies wife? The public needs to know.

Marion – we need to run a contest to name that god-awful looking shot of his. It reminds me of seeing a farmer playing PopAShot. Could this have been his best game as a Raptor? Looked like it on the offensive end. Amazing what a couple of wins and some team happiness can inject in people.

Mensah-Bonsu – memo to our GM: do not entertain the idea of re-signing this guy. The last few games show you the real Pops. Don’t believe the hype.

O’Bryant – any day now you can expect the thunder of Arsenalist to rain down upon thee for taking jumpshots. You have been warned, Leppy.

Parker – nice all around game tonight. Nothing flashy, just a workman like effort. Kind of envisioned him picking his lunchbucket up after the game and heading home to his crib in Scarborough.

Ukic – solid game with, once again, solid minutes. The jockers will all come out from the forest again and proclaim this guy the leader of the new republic, but look at who he was up against. He showed flashes tonight, but until he can give me 5 good games against great opponents, he doesn’t deserve any passing grade.

Voskuhl – 4 minutes and no fouls? Somewhere an angel has been murdered.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Pops Mensah-Bonsu

Game Theme:

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