AltRaps’ 3pt Shot

Here is your chance to be heard by the masses. If you rarely comment, lets hear what you have to say. If you comment regularly, keep it coming.

1) The schedule isn’t out yet and we are still tweaking our roster, but as it stands now, if you had to choose 3 games to grab tickets to, which would they be?

2) Other than seeing what damage DeMar can do, what are you most interested in seeing come out of the summer league?

3) We have the MLE/BAE back and we are spooning them like they were Megan Fox or Brad Garrett (hey, we don’t judge). If Colangelo showed up at your cottage this weekend for a few beers and some deep fried asparagus, who would you have on your shortlist of players when he asked for your input?

*** Also, be sure to put your Friday night plans on hold and join us for a live blog tonight at 8pm, as we spew our thoughts on tonights opening game of the Raptors summer league extravaganza. ***

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