RR Ratings – Nov 4 vs DET

They started it…

Bosh: 7 Kept that offense chugging along with his 20 FT attempts. Hardly a fluid or dominant performance but got his nose dirty and didn’t let his head hang when he got beat on defense. His play slowed this game down and allowed the Raps to catch their breath.

Bargnani: 8 Caught wind of the A-Dub hate and showed the pussy up with 12 rebounds, that’s to go with 22 points. Hit 4 big fourth quarter FTs, had 2 huge blocks which easily saved 4 points, and faked Charlie V out of his pants for a big jumper late. Defensively solid all night long and that was hard to do because the backcourt was porous. Take a bow son, take a bow.

Calderon: 3 It’s good to have guaranteed minutes. Stuckey lit him up early, Bynum lit him up late. You have to wonder just what he was doing on the floor with Jack in that fourth quarter. The corner three he conceded to Bynum in the fourth said it all about the way he thinks on defense – he doesn’t. Even Jack Armstrong said it, “Jose’s not right”. Thanks for that late three, though. Had one assist which was good because it meant he wasn’t handling the rock.

DeRozan: 3 Early baseline cut for a dunk but that was it. Couldn’t negotiate the screens set for his check (Gordon) and Triano once again didn’t bother using him for anything other than standing at the wing and waiting. For something. Got benched in favor of Wright after Gordon exploded early. There’ll be days like this…

Turkoglu: 8 Finally, we see what the Sultan of Turk can do when you give him the ball. 16/7/6. He should’ve had about 5 more assists if Belinelli or Jack could shoot as advertised. This guy should be our primary ball handler. No question about it, otherwise it’s a total waste. Move Calderon to off-guard on the condition that he doesn’t get burned and can knock down an open J. Hedo, find Bargnani and go take a bow..

Da Bench

Jack: 8 Led that second unit which gave this team the offensive spark it needed. Drove the ball every chance he got and made Gordon and Bynum defend. Earned the respect of Oak while doing so. He got torched later in the game by Bynum but overall, a solid performance which made a case for more minutes. If only he could knock that open jumper down, him and Turk could be deadly.

Belinelli: 3 Famine. Gordon’s hesitation shook him worse than an earthquake. Got beat one-on-one too often and didn’t knock down the open threes he was presented. Still finding his role on the team and it’s becoming more and more evident it’s not going to happen on the defensive end.

Johnson: 5 Easily his best game, still gave up too many offensive rebounds but the hustle and energy was there. Even scored a basket. 6/5 in 17 minutes while picking up 4 fouls. Yup, that’s considered a good game for him right now. Hopefully he can build on not screwing up.

Wright: 8 Slowed down Ben Gordon in that second or it was going to be a loooong night, hit two big threes set-up by Hedo which got the crowd and the Raptors back in it. If Jack was the offensive spark, he was the defensive one. He defended CV, Gordon, Bynum and Maxiell at different points in the game.

Collecting da cheque

Evans, Douby, O’Bryant, Weems, Banks, Nesterovic

The Payout

Pimp: Antoine Wright.

Ho: DeMar DeRozan

What we learned: Will Bynum can play.

The Verdict: We’re 2-0 when playing teams on a back-to-back.

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