Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Nov 18 vs Jazz

The “the jumpers, the jumpers, the jumpers ain’t a-fallin’ edition.

Banks – gettin’ paid.

Bargnani – a double double from out of nowhere. His night played out like a Where’s Waldo story. He’s there, then he’s gone. Brutal defensively and a bad shooting night. This back to back killed him.

Belinelli – fantastic play in the third and he almost singlehandedly pulled his team back to within one point. Faltered in the fourth when he tried to drive in traffic and didn’t get the call. Our jumpers weren’t falling, but his were earlier, so not sure why he went away from them.

Bosh – I’m sure he was just happy not to see Nene. 32 and 17 for a guy that went against Leo’s argument that this team was fatigued.

Calderon – 2 assists, 2 turnovers. That tells you this wasn’t a typical Jose night. Deron Williams was back, he was hungry, and Jose was the main course tonight.

DeRozan – It was going to be tough to come out and play as well as he did last night. His line was small, as were his minutes (14) but he hustled out there tonight. He should be happy with his first western road swing.

Evans – faker.

Jack – safe to say that is appearance with Jose on the court at the same time in the fourth was the pin in the balloon again. Jack is struggling to find his groove, period, so why he gets put out there with Jose who is also just getting back to form is beyond me. Also, if you get the chance, you have to see one of the most awkward shots taken in Raptors history. Arsenalist breaks it down here.

Johnson – they should have a little puppy gate set up at the scorers table for when this guy checks in. It’s like he sees the ball and his eyes light up, a bell goes off in his head, and he has to have it. His energy boost was welcome tonight, even if stats-wise it did nothing for us.

Mensah-Bonsu – didn’t see the floor. This will be a common theme.

Nesterovic – didn’t see the floor. Wish this was a common theme.

O’Bryant – didn’t see the floor. The creator of the common theme.

Turkoglu- horrible start, but he picked it up when he checked back in. I was half expecting to hear the “He’s On Fire” sample being played whenever he shot the ball for a stretch there. He had one of those stat filling nights: 11pts, 6rebs, 4 assists. Played almost 40 minutes which surprised me given his night off last night.

Weems – not much to say here. Love the guy, but showed next to nothing tonight. I keep waiting for him to break out and absolutely crush his man. Guess I have to temper my expectations.

Wright – didn’t play, but kept active by setting up the team poker tournament for the flight back to Canada.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

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