Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Nov 22 vs Magic

The “who’s your daddy” edition.

Banks – he was in uniform tonight. Really. Only person more pissed off than a Raptors fan should be is Marcus’ dry cleaner.

Bargnani – a board shy of his third straight double double. Entered the game feeling under the weather and it showed. Fouled out late 4th quarter. Looked as much into this game in the second half as the crowd was: not at all. If he could have sustained his first half pace, it would have been a different outcome.

Belinelli – officially hit the IR with the groin pull he suffered during Friday’s game. Different kind of groin pull than what A-Dub gets from his “masseuse”.

Bosh – made it to the free throw line, hit his shots, but was miserable on the boards, ending the game with five. The Magic did a great job of boxing him out in the paint, but MVPs figure out a way to adjust or make up for it. Bosh didn’t.

Calderon – 4 assists 2 turnovers. In a game where he really had no excuse not to excel, he didn’t. If I were to donate $5 for every time he attacks the bucket in the first 3 quarters for the rest of the year, I’d feel like I’m ripping off the charity with the final total.

DeRozan – prior to the game he spoke of his admiration of Vince as he was growing up. Well, you are grown up now son and you should still admire the guy who just made you look every part of a rookie. 1 point, 1 rebound, 4 fouls in 17min. Not sure what all the people saw in this kid to dub him a sleeper for ROY. Underwhelming in every facet of the game today.

Evans – faker. Faker with horrible taste in pants.

Jack – second nice game in a row. 11 assists, 8 points and once again was a focal (and vocal) point down the stretch.  He did have some brutal shot selections in the first half including one ugly airball, but he is producing now……which is a damn sight better than his backcourt mate.

Johnson – the bright spot on the court tonight. Did what he could when he was on Dwight, he was never scared of the paint, and he hustled more than 3/4 of this team did today. Hell of an effort.

Mensah-Bonsu – didn’t play. Who needs athleticism against Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard?

Nesterovic – he was good on the floor today. Pulled out his baby hook, laid his body on his cover and tried to pull the defense in. Could have used more of him, to be honest.

O’Bryant – would there even be a point on bidding on a POB “game worn” jersey? Buy one at CentreSports for $100.

Turkoglu- kind of expected a little more from him. Would have loved to see some passion in those eyes (for once) and a thirst for blood. Got none of it. His turnover in the last minute was a back breaker and made one wonder, albeit sarcastically, if he didn’t want to hand one to his old team.

Weems – bringing that second unit passion again. His stat line will never reflect his athleticism and I’m beginning to wonder if Triano has the ability to actually harness what Sonny seems like he could bring to the offensive end of the floor.

Wright – didn’t play. Last seen hoping to hell that Dwight wasn’t going to snap Amir in half.

Driving The Bus:  Amir Johnson

Under The Bus:  DeMar DeRozan

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