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With the glitz and glamour surrounding NBA All-Star weekend, we thought we’d use this moment to drop some fresh extra flavour to ‘the game’ by releasing the premiere episode of our new RRTV original weekly series called LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!

Because we’re all passionate Raptors fans here in the Republic, so much so that that the blood in our veins is Raptor-red, it just isn’t enough for us to simply stand proud knowing that everyone in the basketball media community knows full well that Raptors fans are a savvy and crazy bunch when it comes to covering the team online. So we felt it was necessary to exercise our creative and innovative spirit to literally show everyone in the league that the Raptors have the strongest, loudest, craziest and most passionate fan base in the NBA! It’s our love for the Raptors that brings us together and LOUD CROWD NOISE!!! is a testament to our passion and dedication for the Toronto Raptors.

In this premiere episode, we captured the excitement and energy of the Raps season opener against the Cavs as our host Colin Alschotz interacted with fellow Raps fan-addicts and got their thoughts about all things Raptors.

Finally, we want to express our huge thanks to everyone that contributed to the making of this series, especially: Colin Alschotz for the on-screen presence; Birdman for the directing and editing; D&L Productions for the original music; LyNx for the graphics; BigMac (Rexdale) and TheScore for the game footage, and MLSE for putting the product on the court.

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