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Top Ten Things Overheard in Colangelo’s Office

As the RR fiscal year ends, the boys at the home office in Athabasca, Alberta, had some funding left over which they used to plant spies at MLSE offices. Money well spent as they present the Top Ten Things Overheard in Colangelo’s Office.

  1. Would anyone notice if we replace Chris Bosh with Ed Davis?
  2. Heads, we trade Jack. Tails, Calderon.
  3. OK, who have I acquired in the last year that I haven’t traded yet?
  4. Maurizio, please don’t use your tie as a napkin.
  5. Hi, is Marc there?…yes, I’ll hold…Hi Marc…good, good, you?…..I just called to say that you don’t need to come in to work tomorrow…Why? Because you’re a defensive specialist and we’re dead last in the league in defense, sort of an indictment on you, don’t you think?….you don’t? That’s odd, I would have thought it be pretty clear….I don’t want to argue Marc, let’s just move on…there’s no need for name calling, let’s be civilized about this….well, *&^% you too then.
  6. P.J, please take the next flight to Istanbul and stab Turkoglu in the eye.
  7. Maybe if we put every Raptors game on Oasis HD, nobody will realize that we suck.
  8. I called this meeting to discuss ways in which we can make Chris Bosh look like the bad guy.
  9. Who needs a proper scouting department when you have YouTube?

…and the #1 thing overheard in Colangelo’s office…drum roll….

  1. Somebody teach me how to use Workopolis. Fast.

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