Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Celtics Nov 26

The “good thing gone bad” edition.

The “good thing gone bad” edition:

Alabi: Currently more valuable than Sonny Weems

Barbosa: put on an undershirt so it looks like the injury that had him out for an extended period was actually legit. Maybe it’s only when he flies. The model of consistency tonight in that his shots were dropping and he looked locked in.

Bargnani: y’all think he’s ever gonna wash his face again after getting to dance with KG cheek-to-cheek? Garnett tested him all night by trying to get under his skin but hats off to Andrea: he stood up and took it, even giving Jack Armstrong the opportunity to take an easy shot against Bosh. 11 and 8 isn’t good, but when you have some tall lanky guy trying to make your momma jealous, well, kudos.

Bayless: looked like he had the mindset to get to the line but one of his knocks coming here was his shot. That showed tonight in spades. Patience is the key here and lets hope with playing time (coupled with help from Alex English) he starts knocking some stuff down.

Calderon: where has this guy been? Showing disgust at his teammates for missing defensive assignments, engaged the whole game, dishing out 15 dimes……I could cry.

Davis: help us soon, ‘k?

DeRozan: if ever there was a game tape to show people how to get punked by a future HOFer, it would be this. To only muster 3 shots in 17 minutes to go along with one board is embarrassing.


Evans: Leafs Nation garnered a collective inhale when they saw Reggie be taken to the locker room. The Raptors version of a Hoover (unlike Sonny, this is actually good) still showed effort in the limited minutes he played, but was clearly outworked by his opponents all night.

Johnson: whatever he was using in the first half should be bottled and hung in his locker for constant use. Follow up dunks, great D on Garnett, looking like he was having fun and, dare I say it, productivity. Great first half.

Kleiza: statistically another poor night, but his old self was back. Stoic and effective, Linas found a way to impact the game, something that wasn’t there for a few days.

Stojakovic: Sadly, Rent-A-Shot was one of the lone bright spots. 75% from 3, banged bodies a few times and looked like he played he for years.  All I kept thinking was “increased trade value”. You?

Weems: my own personal Keon Clark. Some fools see value in this guy but I see a waste of a starters spot and as much worth as buying pre-chewed gum. 0 of 9 with 2 boards is pathetic. Beyond words.

Wright: canary in a coalmine: the only way you know he’s alive is if you can hear him breathing.

Driving The Bus: Jose Calderon

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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