Sound-Off: Raptors 102, Celtics 122

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This is Marquis Daniels travelling three times on one play:

Here’s the Sound-Off:


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  1. It was a painful game to watch and what made it worse was that I decided to sit on Doug Smith’s in-game blog. Worst 2.5 hours of my life.

    The big question going through my mind was “How does this team improve going forward because it’s awfully painful right now.” The game against Cleveland seemed to be the same way at the beginning.

    I think the big thing is forcing these guys to play defense. If you look at points per quarter the 1st and 2nd were ok offensive-wise but horrible defensively witht he 3rd and 4th being generally ok defensively. Maybe that’s only because it wasn’t even close and Boston cruised.

    Defense needs to become a priority because it doesn’t matter how many #1 picks we get in the draft, we aren’t goin to win if they don’t learn to play defense.

    • defense, for sure needs to improve. its insane how bad it is. it is way too easy to get to the rim on us. Partly the players, partly the defensive scheme that sucks balls.

      Seriously, Wright only with 5 minutes till the last half of the 4rth half?

      • I agree with tom, the first two are painful to watch, the third is indeed a travel but with all the contact I can somewhat understand that the refs had their eyes moving a lot and might have missed it…well poor refs at least.

        • IMO the first one, where he kind of jumps out, is not really a travel. The Refs must agree, because he must have got a real clean look at that…it was in clear view, before he got in the paint and before he started all his other moves.

          The second one (dragging the pivot) is clearly a travel. But its funny, from what I notice, Refs usually only watch that TIGHTLY on Bigs (eg. Bargs get called on that a lot). They only call perimeter players on that if they do it extremely blatently.

          The last one, is the one I thought they would possibly call, because when you see someone get faked out like that, if there is any suspecion that there was a travel the Refs will blow the whistle.

          Kind of like…they only call the push on the back when it leads to an offensive rebound

  2. Screw our injuries and lack of available depth as an excuse, we are not just talented and disciplined enough to play against this caliber of a team. Harangody is a disciplined players fromt he get-go and will produced when given the chance, but it is inexcusable that Bargnani can get abused by a rookie PF.

  3. Julian Wright with 12:45 min in this game…F U Triano!

    **Okay, I didn’t watch this game at there could of been a dynamic in this game that made Julian Wright pretty useless. Can anyone who watched this game give me some insight of how he played and could it have affected this whole outcome of this rape-fest?

    • I actually was specifically looking at Julian this game. I watched only the first three quarters though. When he was in the defence looked better and the points were all scored away from his side of the court. Even on Offence I liked how he was crashing the boards and looking for passes. Of course this is just based on his 5 minutes of playing time. What can Triano possibly see in Kleiza that makes him play him over Wright? On both Offence and Defence he is worse…..well except that Kleiza can finish on a fast break….

  4. You’re right on with this criticism. I probably shouldn’t comment because I live in Asia and hardly ever get to see a game (NBA doesn’t make it easy on the Internet, although it could and should in order to grow the game’s global popularity, but…)

    But, I’ve noticed before (come playoff time when they start to air games over here), the refs definitely seem to officiate according to their prejudices more than anything else. Kobe usually gets two calls a game when there is no contact at all. Not his fault, don’t hate him – hate the refs.

    If some “nobody,” (or any Raptor maybe) gets hacked hard, there very well might not be a call. The premiere teams like Boston, LA, etc., get such obvious favoritism that it really does hurt the game. And when the league is getting more lopsided each year as teams separate into “powerhouses” and guaranteed sub-500 teams, it is a good question why David Sterns is still in place.

  5. bostons gameplan is to foul on every sequence,every play and doc bitches the whole game for calls for his team.thats bostons gameplan….the refs cant call everything,every time and on every play and in the end the refs always try to make it even at the free throw line for the stat sheet.therefore advantage boston.all the damn time.

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