R.I.P. Three-Point Streak, Feb 26 1999 – Jan 24 2011, 986 games Old

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987 games ago, Vince Carter hit a three. It was February 26, 1999. The opponent was Minnesota. It was at 7:43 of the first quarter. At the time, I was only 12 and not really watching basketball, but I can safely assume everyone thought it was a run-of-the-mill three point field goal.


Game after game, the Raptors hit at least one three point shot. After a while, fans started to take notice of the teams prolific consistency, and buzz began to build in the mid-2000s that the streak was reaching large proportions. The Raptors had made a three point shot in FIVE HUNDRED straight games. SIX HUNDRED. SEVEN HUNDRED. And so on…

On February 24, 2009, at the 7:56 mark of the first quarter in a game against Minnesota, Jose Calderon hit a three point shot. It was almost exactly 10 years to the date (two days off) and game time (13 seconds off) from when Vince hit the streak-starting three. Jose hit from beyond the arc, and the streak had hit 837. A new NBA franchise record.

837 consecutive games with a three-point shot made for the Toronto Raptors franchise. The streak had been in trouble several times, most notably in 2006 with Darrick Martin’s garbage-time heave saving the streak against Dallas. But it kept going and going.

As the streak neared 1000 games, the enormity of it had set in for most Raptor fans and NBA observers. The odds of a team, no matter how prolific a shooting team, hitting a three point shot for this many games in a row are astronomical. 1000 wasn’t to be, but don’t let the lack of a rosy round number lessen this for you.

The Toronto Raptors hit a three-point shot for 986 consecutive games.

Just shy of 12 calendar years. 12 NBA seasons. Hundreds of players. Every opponent imaginable. Any game situation, any roster combination, any way at all.

Morris Peterson lead the way with 801 career three point field goals made, and he is followed by Vince Carter (554) and Andrea Bargnani (468). Along the way, nearly every Raptor you can remember hit a three at some point. Even DeMar DeRozan, believe it or not (six of them).

Sadly, with no three-point shooter in the lineup tonight except for Bargnani, that streak has come to an end. January 24, 2011, at home against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Raptors went 0-for-13 from downtown, ending the most random streak in basketball at 986 games.

DeRozan went 0/2, Jerryd Bayless 0/3, and Bargnani and Sundaita Gaines 0/4 each. They are the shooters that will live on in Raptor lore and infamy as the shooters who couldn’t continue the streak, along with the attemptless Sonny Weems, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson and Julian Wright.

I didn’t really notice the possibility until the end of the third quarter when an 0/9 stared me in the face. Within four minutes of the fourth quarter, that number was 0/12, and it felt like the Raptors might begin forcing threes to keep the streak alive. To their credit, they only took one more down the stretch (plus a blocked Gaines attempt after the clock had expired). The game situation didn’t call for three point attempts, as it was a two point game for the majority of the fourth quarter. With Memphis and Toronto trading lay-ups and free throws, and the Raptors lacking a hot shooter – all their damage was being done at the rim – the opportunity simply didn’t present itself. An attempt would have come out of the flow of the offense, and again, you have to creidt the team for putting the outcome of the game ahead of such an enormous streak, especially a young team playing toward no tangible goal.

Sadly, it was for nought, as Rudy gay hit a ridiculous fading jumper over Julian Wright with 0.8 seconds left to break a tie and give Memphis a 100-98 victory. The three-point streak dies, and the losing streak continues, reaching eight games.

Once again playing shorthanded, the Raptors played their tails off and offered the best effort that could be expected with seven healthy NBA players (I am counting Weems as only half-healthy, and Gaines as only half an NBA player). DeRozan and Bargnani carried the scoring load, while Bayless played one of his better all-around games as a Raptor in his eighth start. DeRozan scored 25-points and responded to my constructive criticism from Saturday by adding nine rebounds. Bargnani finally had a fair-percentage shooting game, going 13/27 on his way to 29 points. Bayless had a 15-8-11 line and did a great job starting the fast break and getting to the rim. Julian Wright had one of his best overall games, playing 41 minutes, holding Rudy Gay to 8/20 shooting, and adding 11 points and nine rebounds. Ed Davis blocked a career-high five shots, including a filthy momentum-saver with four minutes to go. But all of the indvidiually strong performances didn’t add up to a win, and more importantly, nobody had a crooked number in the “3FG” column.

The Raps were beat on the boards by a small margin (46-42), but the difference in second chance points was 27-14. The turnovers were close (11-9 Raptors), and the shooting percentages close (48% Tor, 44% Mem). Memphis’ four three-pointers were balanced by the Raptors additional free throws. Really, the difference came down to those couple of extra possessions, allowing Memphis to hit one additional field goal on nine additional attempts.

That difference-making field goal, said jumper by Rudy Gay, should be a memorable one. It should be one of those season- and losing-streak-defining shots that we’ve become accustomed to. But it won’t be. This game will forever be known as the streak-ending game, and the final result didn’t matter nearly as much to the iconography of the franchise as much as this random and seemingly meaningless streak.

And while a streak like that, one which doesn’t hold much weight in terms of franchise quality or value, shouldn’t mean so much – especially once it is 100 games past the previous record – it did. No matter how good or bad the team was, no matter if the team lacked a point guard or a big man, defense or rebounding, a franchise player or new management, we could always be relied upon to hit a three.

And now we’re just another bad team in the middle of a rebuild.


  1. who cares about the streak? this whole article is a waste of time. dallas is only like a game or 2 behind the raps, so the record will be theirs by next week. i’m happy i just don’t have to hear about it all the time anymore.

    it’s like getting all Fs on your report card, but being proud for having perfect attendance.

    • yeah, gotta agree. i can’t think of a less important statistical anomoly. i don’t care one way or the other…except that, had the streak been kept alive last night, it would have bettered their chances at a W.

      i may be in the minority here, but i always felt a twinge of embarrassment when the clowns (devlin, jack, etc.) would mention the streak, like it was some kind of impressive accomplishment. i mean, holy shit, most teams take double digit 3’s every game…i’d be interested to know what every other team is currently at for their own such streak, ’cause i’d be shocked if there weren’t at least a dozen (or more) that had current streaks in the hundreds of games. it’s less than a deal.

    • The streak meant more than a win for me, cause getting a win isnt going to help this useless team one way or another….

    • yes, because keeping this streak going is what has kept them from focusing on becoming a better defensive team.

    • I’m not sure you’ve had your Morning Coffee, Sir. And if you did, you didn’t reach the bottom of cup:


      “….on a team full of offensive-minded players”

      Let the cries for defense, accountability, benching and effort forever seize. People talking about these things are not paying attention to how the “product” is being utilized, regardless of what your read on some scouting site or what HOFs stats you want to compare players to.

      Raptor D stands for development (farm). Or for being the only NBDL team in the L.

  2. so, how long until the bargnani ‘haters’ point out his poor D & atrocious rebounding, and the bargnani backers go to the ‘what more do you want, 50 points, 30 rebounds & 25 assists…yeesh!’ response? or the ‘everyone else was shit, so why does bargs get picked on?’ routine?

    • If you replace Gay with Bargs for the Grizzlies, they become a playoff team, while the Raptors would become one of the worst teams in the league. Memphis has a far stronger supporting cast than the Raptors.

      • a) the raps are already one of the worst teams in the L.

        b) the grizzlies do not become better with bargs instead of gay, though they probably aren’t horrible either…but that’s because bargs would assume his rightful place as a bench player – i doubt he supplants gasol or randolph, so his minutes drop to about 20/game, and his responsibilities become more suited to his skill-set. OJ could, in that scenario, step back into the starting lineup & be their go-to wing, though he’s less effective in that role than is gay, & they’d have to shuffle the lineup somewhat to get an adequate SF in the rotation. because of this, i doubt they’d be any better than they are now.

        c) the raps, with gay instead of bargs, would be severely short-handed in an already weak area (centre), so they’d have to make a subsequent move to shore up that position.

        but here’s the thing – comparing gay to bargs is a bit odd, as is swapping them & making proclamations about what the end result would be, since doing so would necessitate other roster changes that could also impact said end result. wouldn’t a more reasonable swap be bargs & gasol? how does that change either team? is it a wash?

      • Oh, please! Can you throw out a more unproveable pronouncement? Memphis does have a stronger supporting cast. You’re right. Which is probably why they have won 9 more games than the Raptors, and while being in the West, a much tougher conference.

        Gay averages 1.1 fewer ppg, .3 more rpg, more apg, spg and bpg, shoots a higher percentage from the field and from the 3 point line. He’s a better defender, a more efficient scorer and most importantly, is still an effective player even when he is not scoring.

        You can like Bargnani all you want, but that is a ridiculous statement.

        • “Gay averages 1.1 fewer ppg, .3 more rpg, more apg, spg and bpg, shoots a higher percentage from the field and from the 3 point line.”

          Should probably mention that he is a sf and not a center. Making the fg%, rbs and blks that much more noteworthy

      • HAHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. Gay is almost a 50 40 90 guy. Bargnani is a good scorer. Gay plays defense Bargnani. . . well hes a good scorer. I’d take Gay over Bargs any day of the week, and unless Mayo stepped up big time, the Griz would be horrible without Gay.

  3. I just got a streak in my pants. Wanna write a post about that too? Both are accidental and not worth mentioning when discussing how bad this team is.

  4. It’s not hating to notice or comment on a player that doesn’t work at rotating or defending the pick and roll appropriately. The points are nice and he’s definitely scoring better this year (although I don’t hear any “get to the line complaints” that Bosh used to get when he took a ton of jumpers) but I always wonder what do his teammates think on D? When he barely hedges but then decides to switch men on p & r’s when he should be sprinting back to guard his man, what do they feel? The commentators brought it up a few times last night including ‘observing’ rebounds. Not trying to slag him cause if the coaches deem it ok, then he doesn’t have to change and there is no reason for him to change, but I always wonder what his teammates think about it?

    Thats why bringing in a defensive minded center doesn’t do anything significant in my books. It only serves to further excuse the inexcusable. A poster called it ‘enabling’ last week and it is the perfect word to describe it.

    • uh huh.

      i loved jack’s rant about randolph, and how he was a ‘nice’ player, and had been a good citizen in memphis, but that he was all about scoring, and wasn’t much of a defender. it’s like the idiot who complains about how bad a driver someone else is while driving over the mailman, through someone’s lawn, and into their living room.

      could someone pass the memo to the clowns (jack/matt) that although they seem to care very little about the games they’re calling, the least they could do is shut the fuck up during the play if they aren’t going to actually comment about the game. i can live without the minutes-long football discourses, needless self-promotion, and their feelings about hip-hop. just STFU already.

      • I agree, but on the other hand, you have to realize that if they don’t ramble on about something like that, they’ll have to talk about the Raptors and how bad they are.

        • As they should. Or has Colangelo put a gag order on calling out his creation?

          I’m tired of the ‘referee thievery’, or the ‘unreal injury list’ of man games lost…..as a side note listing Peja’s games he sat out in the total for man games lost is shameful as well as commentators telling me at every opportunity how much Bargnani’s knees are hurting when he misses shots…….or whatever excuse or rationale is good for the moment is ridiculous. I would prefer they speak the truth instead of trying to sugar coat or find excuses that ring hollow.

          • my new favourite is how every one of bargs’ shots are ‘tough shots.’ there was one sequence where he got the ball at the high elbow (inside the 3-pt line), up-faked, his man bit, he went by him & took an uncontested 12-footer. ‘TOUGH SHOT BY BARGNANI!!’ squeals clown 1 (devlin).

            • Stemming from yesterda, re: Ajinca– Chauncey Billups was traded 3 times, in his rookie year… You never know! GO RAPS!

              Rebuild. Recommit. Reconnect. Rebirth of the Franchise in ’12-13 = REBOUND.

              • Chauncey was also traded (atleast once) because he didn’t want to play on that team.

                Huh, that sounds familiar.

                • Who could it be? Nash of course.

                  This is the deal they should be looking at: Toronto.


                  Because he is more valuable to Toronto than any other franchise.

                  Toronto would give up their TPE of $12.5mm, two 1st Round picks (one of which is currently be Top 5), Bayless (played at Arizona), Weems, and one of Derozan and/or Ed Davis. Toronto could also take on the salary of Childress, but would likely ask for Grant Hill as well (Toronto could still make the Playoffs with a trade like this).

                  What else?

                  Such a trade would have to be broken into multiple deals, because of the TPE, and i can see a way something like this could be done in 4 separate transactions. What does that mean? It could mean up to $12mm in cash from Toronto to PHX ($3mm in each transaction).

                  The TPE and Cash, along with draft picks, a young PG and one of Toronto’s best young players (DD or Davis) would be a steal and kick start the rebuilding with a solid base.

                  For Toronto?

                  They will sell a zillion tickets and jersey’s and continue to be a middling team in the EAST. But they will make lots of money.

      • I don’t know, I watch a lot of the local broadcasts through the nba streaming and for as much as we bash jack/leo/devlin, they are one of the better teams out there. for example, I can’t even listen to a Cavs game with those two dufuses.

        The one thing I would like to see ended is that constant excuse-making that goes on with the Raptors media (including Jack, etc.). I used to get the sense reading Grange that he was fed up with it and Arthur gives the impression as well but a lot of the press covering this team is too busy making excuses for them instead of asking the tough questions.

        • I completely agree that the Raptors commentators are fine in relation to other teams. Of course I find most teams’ commentators annoying half of the time.

          I don’t the the reasoning behind scaling back his basketball coverage, but I’m pretty sick of Doug Smith’s endless defense of the Raptors, and this coming from a guy who just gave them a C+ midseason grade despite only winning 13 games. If the Raptors played defense like Smith does, they’d be a playoff team!

        • That’s why Grange and Arthur (and perhaps Feschuk) are some of the better columnists around. They aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

    • “Thats why bringing in a defensive minded center doesn’t do anything significant in my books. It only serves to further excuse the inexcusable”

      I completely agree.

      Raps already have 2 solid defenders in Amir and Ed (although Ed is still learning) and it doesn’t keep the Raps from being the worst in the league. There is only so much space any one guy can cover, so many fouls a player can give, so much energy one can expend, so much help one can provide, all while still being responsible for their own man (especially when their guy is usually the best offensive talent on the floor)

      Its just putting a band aid on a amputated leg.

  5. not hearing too much about it…if it a leafs streak ended dickwads like andrew krystal and howard berger would be talking about it non stop

  6. Nice read, and R.I.P. 3 point streak … But have to say I’m glad to see the streak end. The raps have been ‘dying by the three” far too long and frankly it represented an over-reliance on jump shooting to me.

  7. This is the the cumulative +/- of the starting units of Grizzlies and the Raps :
    Grizzlies -15 , Raps +21 . None of the grizzlies were on the + side and only DD was on the – side for the Raps starting unit . Obviously the Raps were short handed and their second unit was greatly weakened (check their +/-) . Andrea and DD nearly outscored the top 3 scorers of Memphis (Gay , Randolph and Gasol) , 54 points vs 55 points . Oh , I get it , Andrea cannot play defense and cannot compare to the 3 studs Memphis has . Andrea haters should think seriously of following another team cause they are a very unhappy bunch here .

    • “Oh , I get it , Andrea cannot play defense and cannot compare to the 3 studs Memphis has .”

      I hardly call Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph “studs”. Rudy Gay is, at best (in my opinion), a good but highly overpaid player. That said, I would take Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay over Bargnani in a heartbeat.

      Its great that you (again) compare only points… because as usual nothing else matters. Not that Amir and Ed Davis holding Zach Randolph to 8-24 shooting (through excellent defense) had anything to do with that either. I mean its not like defense would actually effect someones (or a teams) ability to score points. That would be ludicrous.

      Did you happen to notice that Bargs was outrebounded by every other Raptor starter? In fact every other starter in the game (on both teams) outrebound him… except ofcourse Young who (a shooting guard) who only played 12 minutes. Thats both PGs, Derozan (and OJ Mayo managed to equal his rebounding total as a sg off the bench in 10 less minutes), and both SFs. And this was with Bargnani playing more minutes than any other player.

      On the bright side:

      “Andrea cannot play defense”

      atleast you are starting to come around and notice it to.

      • If Andrea defense was so poor what about Gasol’s who was his counterpart . Scoring 29 points versus the opposition 17 points tell me the opposition was a worst defender . No point arguing the case. Andrea owned Gasol .

        • yeah because comparing two guys raw points always tells the entire story. Wonder how often Bruce Bowen outscored his check? Man that guy must have sucked real hard. Just a horrible defender. I mean if you are a good defender you will always stop the other guy….. and then you have that Marc Gasol is known for scoring. My Bad.

          Ofcourse a sample size of 1 is also very telling.

        • i dunno…i think most coaches could live with 29 pts on 27 shots (a good % of which are from the perimeter) with few trips to the line (3) from an opponent’s *best* offensive player. gotta remember – gasol is a ‘true’ centre, and bargs is an outside-in offensive player (more of a stretch 4 than anything), so it’s a bit of a reach to consider them counterparts, since their games are quite different.

        • cesco, your defiance regarding Bargnani’s glaring deficiencies is nothing short of mind-boggling. It’s as if you refuse to believe in such fundamental truths…like gravity.

    • Well, apparently you’re not happy with a lot of the Raptor fans, so perhaps you need to cheer for another team…

      I also find it interesting that you’re starting an argument with no one about a subject you apparently don’t like.

      And haven’t you argued against +/- stats in the past because Bargnani has such a poor +/- rating?

      • I think that talking about the +/- stats of a unit , in this case the starting unit , is a valid argument . I did not attempt to compare the +/- of individuals which can be very misleading.

          • You are retarded , why would Dirk say that Andrea deserve to go to the all-star game . Is Dirk a stupid fan that do not understand the game , a fan like you perhaps .

            • oh, c’mon now. what, exactly, do you expect one player to say about another when asked directly? ‘uh, actually, i think he’s a very good one-dimensional player who’s a lazy fuck on D & rebounds like a crippled goat.’

              • I think the answer to Barg’s defence lies somewhere in-between cesco’s interpretation and Yertu’s. He’s not the worst defensive player and rebounder in the NBA but he’s 100% for sure not the best. No Yertu he does not ‘rebound like a crippled goat’ but he’s not Dennis Rodman either. Can we all just accept the fact that he’s below average on defence and rebounding and stop arguing about it?

                • you are correct. there are literally hundreds of players in the NBA who are worse rebounders than bargnani. yes, most are guards, but let’s not split hairs. there are even quite a few centres who rebound less…well, per game. i think it’s totally overblown that he’s the worst per-minute rebounding centre. or that he’s also near the bottom in per-minute rebounds amongst PF.

                  but hey, 2nd in scoring among centres.

                  i agree, it’s silly to keep arguing about these things. the funny thing is, no one disputes the data, but it’s just supposed to be glossed over, because he ‘does so many other things’ – which, i guess refers to his scoring?

                  wait…why should i just have to ‘accept’ it? because the organization has? because his fanboys have? well fuck that…accepting limitations that are crippling to a team’s chances of success is a loser mentality. does anyone really wonder why demar’s defense hasn’t improved much? i mean, what’s good for the goose…

              • yertu , name me one player on the team other than Andrea that if a star player is asked if such and such deserves to go and play in the all star game and this star player answer positively to the question . If you cannot name such player SFU .

                • oh boy, you got me there. i’m sure that an opposing player, having perused the roster, would settle on andrea as being the lone raptor who would garner all-star interest. he is, after all, the shiniest, most polished turd in the bowl.

                  but under the same set of hypothetical rules, there are probably 50 guys that an opposing player would probably think ‘deserve’ an all-star spot.

                  the fact that this team is what it is at the current time, and that bargs is the de facto ‘best’ of this motley crew says more about the team & the phase of rebuilding that they’re in at the moment than it does about bargs’ ‘worthiness’ as an allstar. but hey, i know these things are important to you – ppg, ‘all-star’ selections, media/league attention, being seen as ‘legit.’ after all, it is these things that are truly important.

                  fwiw – i have no clue about what dirk said (or didn’t say), or what the context was, so i’m taking your word for it. if there’s a clip of the actual interview, i’d love to see it…i’m curious which of the sycophantic raptor media asked (er, was ordered to ask) dirk about it. unless, of course, dirk just started off a press conference with an uninitiated statement about bargs.

                • After the game against the Nets in NJ on January 22/2011 where he scored the winning basket with 6 seconds to go in the game , he answered many questions by the journalists .
                  One of the questions was if he thought Andrea would be called up to the all star game . He gave an elaborate answer that it was possible and that he deserve it . It was newsworthy to the italian media and was reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport the next day.

            • If you had an ESPN camera in my face and asked me about Bargs, I’d give the exact same quote as Dirk. Just saying…

        • Just for an explanation…

          how is using a starting units +/- more ‘valid’ than an individuals +/-? Don’t the same ‘problems’ exist with each one? Isn’t adding 5 ‘misleading’ values just giving you one bigger misleading value?

          • Not if 4/5 men units plays against each other most of the game . Like in this game both starting units should have been more or less equal since the game was decided in the last few seconds . In fact the Raps starting unit outplayed the grisslies starting unit but our secondary unit was made up of 1 NBA player (Davis) as Weems was useless coming back from injury . That is what cost us the game .

            • that still doesn’t explain it…

              “most of the game” is not the entire game, and as we all know there can be major fluxuations within even a few minutes in NBA game.

              There were also major fluxuation in starters minutes (Raptors ranged from 28 -44 minutes…. and the Grizzlies ranged from 12 minutes to 40 minutes). Aren’t those the same problems you have when comparing an individuals +/-… ie. who is on the floor at any given time etc? Not to mention there was always atleast 2 Raptors starters on the floor at any given time and 1 Grizzly starter on the floor at any one time.

              That said I don’t disagree the Raps starters outplayed the Grizzlies starters… this is more a ‘if its a good for the goose its good for the gander’ type argument. Raw +/- is raw +/-, with the same accuracies and faults associated with an individuals number as with a ‘units’ number. You can’t have it both ways.

              I will always maintain, +/- is perfectly fine to use when used to compare against teammates, and the large the sample the better. (I know others will disagree ofcourse) Context within a game also helps… you know like individually accounting for 53 of a teams points and still being a team worst -9… cough cough.

              If you really want to compare how well a teams starters are doing against another teams… looking at a teams record will generally be the most accurate

              • cesco doesn’t actually understand stats. If he did, he’d realize Bargnani isn’t worth the effort to back on a daily basis.

  8. Its the physical play that sets apart winning teams like spurs and celts from losers like the raps and grizzlies. Its not just D its–intense D–physical D—stop the dunks D …Bargs isnt the only rap thats stands around and gives up uncontested dunks—To his credit he can at least score…Kudos to Bayless for knocking the guard on his ass and not giving up a layup. When Reggie was playing the raps were near 500.

  9. After yet another practice with more guys injured and sitting out than guys participating, Jay Triano was asked about the Raptors’ NBA record consecutive games with a three-point field goal made coming to an end at 986 games. His response was classic.
    “Yeah, you know what? With about a minute to go in a close game I thought, ‘You know what, we should probably figure out how to hit a three rather than try to win this game.’”
    And how did he find out that the streak was over?
    “I found out after we were walking off the floor. Somebody yelled at me that I should be fired because we didn’t make a three. Somebody yelled at me, that’s when I went, ‘Did we not make a three? OK, well,’ I mean, honestly, you know what, I think the organization should be very proud of the streak that it had, but for us to go into a game thinking that we should try to make a three and for us to have a depleted lineup with guys like Barbosa and Kleiza and Calderon not in uniform, I mean those are guys that are going to sometimes step up and make them for us. You know what, it’s a record and that record did not help us climb one spot in our race to try to get better as a team. It’s one less thing we can put in our media notes. Alright? So that’s about the extent of that streak being broken.”

  10. i am playing on chad ford (this guy has no life) mock lottery on espn


    and i keep falling on a turkish centre enes kanter.

    i’m very scared as my drifts towards conspiracy theories that the nba/espn want colangelo and the raps to draft this european guy (and yes, turkey is now apart of europe).

    try for yourself republic family.

    • If Kanter is tests well physically (there are questions about his knees), he’d be a VERY good option. He’s a very strong, physical big man who can score inside and out, and also rebounds and plays defense. The Raptors could certainly do a lot worse. And if it means Bargnani’s days in Toronto are numbered, all the better.

      Whether or not he’s European doesn’t make any difference.

      • Keep dreaming Tim , BC will select a winger first . Then with a second selection a PG . The defensive center will be found by the trade deadline . And Andrea will be a Raptor for the next 4 years.

        • I’m willing to bet my house on the fact that Bargnani WON’T be a Raptor for the duration of his current contract. As stubborn as Colangelo is, even he (or his eventually successor as GM) will eventually realize such a liability on defense isn’t condusive to winning basketball.

          Claiming Bargnani is “the best player on the team” is fool’s gold…since we’re talking about [arguably] the worst team in the league. As yertu suggested above, Bargnani’s the shinniest turd in the bowl.

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