Gameday Thread: Raptors vs Knicks – Apr. 5/11

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The draft lottery can’t come fast enough, after a massive win against the Magic on the weekend, the Raptors are 1 game out of 3rd worst; Wizards are holding tight. Including tonights game in New York, three of the remaining six games are against playoff teams, with the Bucks trying to sneak in past the Pacers, but are currently sitting three games out. Even though the Knicks have secured a playoff spot, they can clinch the 7th seed with a win tonight; it’s on yea?

In yesterday’s Power Rankings, Marc Stein (thanks weinermobile) had this to say about the Raptors:

Make that two wins over Orlando to go with an improbable season sweep of the Thunder as well as wins over Dallas (road) and Chicago (home). So give the Raptors this much: When they do win, it’s almost always an event.

Quick hits:

  • Sonny Weems seems to have woken up from the three straight games of inducing projectile vomit in fans to a solid showing off the bench against the Magic. Expect that to revert tonight, and I’m glad his future contract worth is in the 2yr/$4mil range with the arrival of Johnson; if that.
  • Bayless has the opportunity to continue the impressive run he’s been on in the last two games, wont be easy against Chauncey, but the Knicks as a whole could counter his effectiveness as an individual. Maybe; probably not…
  • James Johnson can do us a solid by letting Carmelo put up 25+ shots; volume shots out of sync = good for the Raptors.
  • Ed Davis vs Amar’e Stoudemire, very interested in this match-up.
  • If Bargnani gets any more burn for the rest of the year, I’d like to see him sweat it out like a migrant worker in a strawberry field.
  • Put me down as a ‘yes’ for Barkley taking over as the Raptors GM if BryCo is shown the door. Why? Why not! Seriously, how much worse could things possibly get? Charles may not be the smartest basketball mind in the world, but he’s smart enough to know he can’t do the job well and will need to surround himself with smart people to help in the decision making. Also, I miss the Sam Mitchell soundbytes somin fierce; Barkley will provide plenty of that. This is all about entertainment right?

The Knicks are 9.5 point favourites with an over/under of 219.5; this has the makings of the Nuggets game written all over it.


  1. “this has the makings of the Nuggets game written all over”
    Raptors will lose but it won’t be that ugly.
    love to see Andrea put up another 40-point game if he plays ( I think he will because he loves playing knicks).

    • Yes you hit the nail on the head.

      Bargnani plays against those teams that he likes playing against and calls in sick when the Raptors play teams that he doesn’t like playing against.

      Trade Bargnani this summer. Good for the Raptors. Good for the city of Toronto and good for Canada.

      • Of the teams he missed , there is only one team he didn’t play at least one game this year ( Dallas) . They beat Boston , Chicago , Orlando , Phil , Houston and LAC with Andrea and lost to Memphis . LAL(lost by 5 points in LA) and Utah . So which team is he afraid off ?. I believe they won last year at home against LAL with Andrea playing . If Amir is traded , you will follow his new team and not the Raps , good riddance .

        • cesco is right here, I dont believe drea’ is afraid of certain teams, I think he’s so out of shape that he can’t put out the effort even if he wanted to. Andrea is skinny fat though, so its harder to tell.

    • i would love to see bargnani put up a couple 40 pt nights for the remaining games, him sitting out right now while his stock is at an all time low does not bode well for the raptors this offseason.

      • Do you really think after five years in the league a couple of 40 pt games is going to change everyone’s opinion of what you get with Bargs?

        • no but he certainly isn’t as bad as he has been of late. why? simply because when his shot isn’t falling he is ineffective and rather than getting to the line, or doing other things well he just continues to shoot

          If he comes off the bench (perhaps next season, if we can’t trade him by then) more of his shorcomings will be masked, simply by taking him out of the game when his shot isn’t falling.

          We have idiots thinking barbosa can start, when he has been a bench player his whole life, so im certain we would be able to market bargnani effectively this way.

    • I have the feeling that Bargs and Jose will sit the rest of the season out, but not just ‘precautionary’, it will be to keep them safe for trade this summer and give the younger players time to burn and learn

    • I think Rap’s will compete against NY and maybe even steal a win on the road.

      Sam got fired after a blow out loss to the Nuggets- the type that are common for the Rap’s in Denver.

      BC played himself out now he is left holding shit and trying to call it Raptor basketball- losing with a purpose- wtf is that- BC speak?

  2. Rumors from Mitch Lawrence of the N.Y. Daily News.

    1. D’Antoni may reunite with BC in Toronto next season as the Raptors head coach. – I would not support that.

    2. Bargnani is now available for trade – I totally support that.

    Don’t know if anyone noticed the change with Calderon and Bargnani not starting/playing.

    The Raptors are running a more perimeter/guard oriented offense. They are using Davis as the the primary go to guy in the low post and having Amir set high screens and be the first one back on defense to defend against opponents run outs.

    Seems to be working so far. Now if only Amir’s left ankle would cooperate. Most likely not this season as there is only a week left for the Raptors.

    Summer suggestion for Davis, DeMar and Amir. – Spend more time in the weight room during the summer. A lot more time.

    • That article is quite old (March 28th). And if you read it, its purely speculative and has been shot down. Easy way to figure that out? What advantage would the Raptors have by talking about Bargnani being available now? Its well past the trade deadline and we’re probably going into a lock out this summer. Do you honestly think playoff bound GM are going to start talking about trade possibilities now? No.

      Doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen, heck – everyone should be available for trade – its only about “price”.

      But its better to read articles from a journalist with real sources.

  3. “This is all about entertainment..”. Yep. But entertainment with a healthy dose of winning. Amongst other personal peccadilloes, Chuckie has a healthy penchant for the gaming tables with his bud MJ. You can be assured of plenty of trades between the Raps & Bobcats over a pair of deuces.

    No thanks. If I want yuks I’ll just visit the RR more often.

  4. Even though they’re a division rival, I was actually pulling for the Knicks to get back into the playoffs this year. Capacity crowds at MSG are fun even on TV. And I loved watching the Riley/Van Gundy led Knicks teams of the 90s.

    But as soon as the Melo trade went down, I found myself happy they were struggling. I guess I don’t have an appreciation for store-bought teams (compared to teams built from within).

    • But that Knicks team pre-Carmelo was fun. Amare was playing like a beast, Felton was playing his best ball ever and the supporting cast (Fields, Gallo, etc.) were fun to watch.

      Now, it’s a disjointed mess and Melo’s a tough guy to root for cause of his pissy attitude and mopey expressions.

  5. Hey, remember we everyone was laughing at the Knicks for overpaying fake superstar like Eddy Curry and Marbury? …I’m still laughing at them NOW. (But then again, the odds of moving Bargs is low.)

    I don’t like our chances of losing this if Bargnani and Calderon sit out. Our rebounding should at least keep the game close, the Knicks’ apathy should be high, and w/o Bargnani and Calderon the team has been far better in 4th quarters offensively.

  6. Correction: that quote you used about the Raps was from Marc Stein’s Power Rankings – he does weekly one where he makes a brief comment on each team, Hollinger’s power rankings are based on one of his formulas and is just a presentation of data with no commentary.

  7. Charles Barkley not a smart basketball mind..where do y’all get this stuff from–I guess the 100’s milz he’s made makes him a rich fool?!

    • Barkley is a clown ass brother- a corporate puppet, talking head type that does whatever he told to do by the powers that be ie start controversy as a TNT broadcaster.

  8. There is a forum post by Raptoronto titled—RR let BC do his Job

    I suggest everyone read it.

    the knee jerk reactions of the people in toronto(yes knee jerk=5years) is laughable.

    A true rebuild is almost at its climax this summer.

    • 5 years is more than enough time for BC to do his job.

      He has taken the Rap’s from division champs to conference chumps- all under his watch as both President & GM of Raptor basketball- he has to go.

      A true rebuild is getting rid of BC, Gheradini, Jay, Jim Kelly while trading away both Barg’s & Jose for assets- not playing lip service to it while Jose was still was hogging all the PG minutes and Reggie was taking Ed’s minutes for reason unknown- BC consensus?

    • its a knee jerk reaction after 5 years? So whats an acceptable time table… 10 years? 15 years? 25 years?

  9. If you trade Bargs, what do you get for him. Where is his value and what do you want in return? I just don’t see it happening. And if it does, I don’t see the Raptors winning any deal.

  10. well they didnt suck for five years, and i think they made the playoffs for two of those years.

    last year was a sh*tty
    (you can blame BC for last year if you want, whatever).

    this year was a rebuild.

    so i guess, yeah fire him.

    Your President and GM
    (not a complete idiot i think eveyone would agree).

    OK. so we hire someone many years should we give him to
    a) make the playoffs?
    b) win a championship?

    probably 2 years on-a
    probaby at LEAST 5 years on -b

    i personally don’t like the variables that involves based on the fact BC has started a rebuild.

  11. BC must mothball Jose and Bargs for the rest of the season … and tank the remaining games too … for draft pick position …. so obvious.

  12. i am going to be one hard fan to satisfy, while i agree bargnani is a cancer on this team w/o much respect i would hate to see our investment get traded for a sack of shit, I would also be equally dissapointed if he’s a starter next year and is not gone by trade deadline next year.

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