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Top Ten Signs Bryan Colangelo Will Be Extended

The reserve crew at the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta have delivered a new installment of the Top Ten List, this time uncovering ominous signs that lead one to believe Bryan Colangelo’s about to sign a new contract. They present the Top Ten Signs Bryan Colangelo Will Be Extended.

  1. “Bug” in MLSE’s Microsoft Exchange software doesn’t allow any meeting to be scheduled without Colangelo present.
  2. Glen Silvestri hasn’t shown for work in weeks, not answering phones and has family referring to him in past tense.
  3. Maurizio Gherardini extended his contract with Pizza Pizza home-delivery.
  4. Draft “war room” has Colangelo’s signature design: nothing but a PS3 hooked up to Netflix.
  5. Steve Fruitman pulling overtime working on a trade returning Jake Voskuhl and Fred Jones to Toronto.
  6. DancePak practicing new routine which ends in formation of “We ♥ BC”.
  7. “Help” button in every MLSE elevator dials collect call to Jerry Colangelo.
  8. To pay for Colangelo’s raise, beer at ACC now costs $60 and a pint of your blood.
  9. Latest Colangelo Twitter update: “Whaaaaaaa…no waayy…seriously…after all that?….cooooolllll”.

…and the #1 sign that Colangelo’s being extended…drum roll….

  1. Overheard in MLSE hallway: “Donatas Motiejunas reminds me of Bill Russell…or Greg Oden…I don’t know, one of them.”

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