The Raptors Select Kemba Walker With the 5th Pick in the ESPN TrueHoop 2011 Mock Draft

In anticipation of the draft on Thursday, the ESPN TrueHoop Network bloggers did our own mock one. No trades, we just picked who we thought was the best available fit for our team at our draft slot. The top four went like this:

  1. Kyle Irving (Cavs: The Blog)
  2. Derrick Williams (A Wolf Among Wolves)
  3. Brandon Knight (Salt City Hoops)
  4. Jonas Valanciunas (Cavs: The Blog)

There was lots of yelling in the RR war-room, but we settled on Kemba Walker for reasons that have been beaten over the head here. I found it interesting that Kanter dropped past five where we were picking. He’s a tough kid to pass on, and I’d be surprised if he was available after Truth About It picks for the Wizards at six. I’m also super interested in where Kawhi Leonard lands; I like his skill-set, and think he’s gonna be a nice player in the NBA. Dan Feldman from Piston Powered spear headed this whole venture, and will have a mock draft tracker up on his site.


I’ll be updating this throughout the day as the next pick in the Mock Draft gets selected:

  1. Cavs – Kyle Irving
  2. Wolves – Derrick Williams
  3. Jazz – Brandon Knight
  4. Cavs – Jonas Valanciunas
  5. Raptors – Kemba Walker
  6. Wizards – Enes Kanter
  7. Kings – Kawhi Leonard
  8. Pistons – Bismack Biyombo
  9. Bobcats – Marcus Morris
  10. Bucks – Alec Burks

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