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Raptors Roll Call Jan 25 vs Jazz

Double overtime victory but we have lost Andrea for probably weeks. Worth it? Sure! 111-106 and we skyrocket to 6-13.

The “balls the size of hot air balloons” edition:

Barbosa: quiet night for the blur, but still a solid outing. Guess that would make it a swerve?

Bargnani: firing away from 3 again, fair from the field, but the big news of course was him pulling up lame and looking like he was actually upset at doing so. I truthfully feel I saw more passion from him in those 3 minutes of close ups than I had in the first 4 years of his Raptors life. He’s going to be out for weeks.

Bayless: I’m actually shocked he had 7 assists because he looked to me like he was, well, a twerp.  Another game in his career of trying to be more than he is and creating stuff that just isn’t there.

Butler: saw no time on the floor save for a few seconds…and it was glorious.  Let’s face it, seeing this guy caged up is virtually orgasmic.

Calderon: mediocre would be the word, but the one shot that stands out is that 3 pointer he took in overtime from what seemed like Kansas and he pulled nothing but net. An incredible shot that was shortly followed up with an idiotic attempt with 2 Jazz players draped over him like a bird cage cover.

Davis: tried the headband tonight and it seemed to spark him a little bit to start, but then came his usual miss from 6inches under the rim and that seemed to rattle the kid. His on-court persona seemed different tonight, though..and that’s a positive.

DeRozan: 17 and 8 produced on a night where he pulled some desire from his warmups and ended the night beaming as the victor. Have to think he is concerned with Bargs going down knowing he’ll be the focal point again.

Forbes: a minute of play as he continues to poke his sad mug out of the Casey doghouse.

Gray: 15 minutes in the starter role. Above average and a good hustle game again, but would love to see something more than a 4/4 from a guy that bangs bodies and runs the floor.

A. Johnson: huge in the overtime periods with a block and a great take on an offensive charge resulting in a huge turnover in our favour. Kept his own fouls down, was talking on defense and was a big spark plug in this win.

J. Johnson: two big blocks including one that was followed with about 17 minutes of head shaking that looked like the noggin version of Dikembe’s finger.  6 blocks, 5 rebounds, 40 minutes of play in a game that absolutely was one of his best of the season.

Kleiza: off the charts. He was mocking the crowd like he was a WWE wrestler and they started to give it back….and then he absolutely tore their hearts out and ate it raw. 4 of 9 from 3, 25 huge points and a smug look that would piss off a monk.

Driving the bus: Linas Kleiza

Under the bus: Ed Davis

Theme of the Game: