Raptors Roll Call Feb 12 vs Lakers

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The “1…2….3….4…..5” edition:

Barbosa: Ginsu was slicing and dicing today. While not a star, he hit some timely shots and forced the Lakers to not forget about him.

Butler: time to head back to class and figure out how to count. While not statistically a turnover, it is the biggest one of the season by any NBA team. Inexcusable.

Calderon: you have to think (hope?) that the Lakers brass watched this game intently and saw Jose look like he could be shot out of a cannon and still hit a shot today. 13/18?? From Jose that is as unlikely as finding bars of gold in your toilet. And, no, not THOSE kind of bars. Hope Jose likes the sun.

Carter: used minimally today due to Jose’s ability to put up numbers that Jordan would be proud of. Still, for the 11 minutes he was on the floor, he did a fine job of moving his chess pieces into spots that gave them opportunity. Great veteran presence.

Davis: solid game from Ed. It was apparent that if he was on a winning team or one that seemed to be “in” most games, this personality would come out more often. He as aggressive on both sides of the ball and even let out some baby roars after a dunk off a DeRozan dish.

DeRozan: he didn’t fill the hoop himself, but 7 assists certainly brought us back into this game after a first quarter that made the Raptors look like mice among men.  While you can’t overlook some turnovers,  his dishes and trips to the line made it impossible to ignore his game.

Gray: after watching Scarborough Skidmark actually play well, Aaron came back on the floor and just absolutely crushed it. You can never discount those shoulders and elbows in setting screens and boxing out. He’s never going to be elite, but he’s lunchpail and we love him. Well, I do.

A. Johnson: his game today reminded me of a dehydrated peach.  I despise when he becomes a shrinking violet especially when guys with a lot less talent outhustle him.

J. Johnson: how about that coast-to-coast, huh? Just call him VIA for the night. Impressive game that saw his face look like he was a kid at the candystore window everytime he was on Kobe. It was one of those seemingly random games that he opens the casket lid and decides to dance like a Backstreet Boy.

Kleiza: hit a couple of nice shots when we needed them, but also turned the ball over at times we definitely didn’t need it.  Maybe he needed to get into a bit of a tussle to get him back into his game.

Magloire: have to say that he made the tide turn in this game. He banged Bynum, he pushed others, he motivated his teammates. It was a game that he came in as advertised and the crowd at the ACC ate it up.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Rasual Butler

Theme of the Game:

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