Raptors Roll Call vs Heat April 18

It seemed like we were taking on a team with a leg and a arm tied behind their back and, well, we still lost. Badly. Heat win 96-72 and we stay proud at 22-41. Represent!!!

The “a third beats a quarter” edition:

Alabi: the man is a rebounding machine. After a good appearance the other night, he comes back and registers 6 boards in 10 minutes showing Bosh that he really can play in the NBA and all those practices against him in pre-seasons past actually sunk in. Too bad Bosh had the Alabi courtside seats for this one.

Anderson: heavy minutes (45) and he started to look gassed at about the 20 minute mark. He heaved (literally) 8 from downtown and hit none. It was like he wanted to tip his hat to Jose by replicating his poor outside shooting last season.

Davis: man, I swear, I’ve lived most of my life listening to how Leafs fans are frustrated. Never understood until Davis became the embodiment of that team: give hope, then take it away by playing flat. Begin the year with such hope and an assumed average of a double double and actually play it out like you were a wet towel awaiting a surfer.

DeRozan: look, if you can’t get up to play the Miami Heat that are without 2 of their big stars in an arena that is about as loud as Arsenalist’s bedroom, and you are supposed to be the team leader, how can you expect your fans to care, let alone your teammates?

Forbes: better than the last game, but that is like saying a cracked gas tank is better than a gas tank with a 2 inch hole in the bottom of it.

Gray: Jesus man…I love you, but it’s beginning to feel like I’m a supporter of child labour. I mean, I like Nike products, but should I boast about this shirt I’m wearing knowing how it was made? Even the small stuff that Aaron was doing a few weeks ago (setting good screens, boxing out consistently, etc) has gone away.

A. Johnson: 3 pts and 4 rebounds in 21 minutes is as impressive from a starter as the sales from a hot dog cart at a vegan festival.

J. Johnson: his tiara seemed to fit well tonight and it was even kind of shiny. One of few effective Raptors on the court he kept us in it for a bit but wasn’t able to help bring us back.

Uzoh: rebounds continue to be his forte, apparently. I mean, it makes sense since the one thing this team doesn’t need is a playmaker or a quarterback. Nahhhh.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game: