Raptors Roll Call April 23 vs Bucks

doop doop doop. Raptors hang tough but fall hard: 92-86, Bucks win. One more crack at win 23 coming up.

The “there is no v in moral” edition:

Alabi: after tearing down boards like they were paper last night, Red Solo Cup barely saw any action….and not in the RapsFan type of way.

Anderson: still racking up 40+ minutes but tonight his game was more disjointed than a six year old trying to talk sensibly after downing 2 Rockstars.

Davis: a nice game derailed by foul trouble. 11 boards is nothing to sneeze at against a Bucks team, but since they only shot 37%, you have to think there were some golden opportunities lost by the 76th team All Star.

DeRozan: throwing a ball into the stands is unnecessary, unless it’s at the ACC and it’s heaved at the SuperFan (who really is just a car dealer looking to gain free advertising). DeMar messed up and did it on the road tonight, but it bought him an early exit and a way to beat the lines at the bratwurst stand.

Forbes: 15 points and 5 assists in a game that seemed to challenge his interest at times. It’s like he floats in and out of consciousness more frequently than Arsenalist at a St. Louis Wings party.

Gray: the bearded wonder had me wanting to get re-acquainted with the big bearded guy upstairs and ask for divine intervention into the search for Aaron’s game from early 2012.  Leo seemed to imply that Aaron had a chip on his shoulder playing in Milwaukee. Well, if he did, it was more like a styrofoam chip used in packing material because he was softer than margarine.

A. Johnson: if you are going to dunk, do it with meaning. Amir’s made the local cows lose of of their milk from the force. The rest of his game tonight was quiet, dignified, and, well, boring.

J. Johnson: in the starting lineup and playing like his momma just cussed him out something fierce. 10 of 21, for 22 points and 13 rebounds. Only the Octomom outperformed James. Still need him at the line more.

Uzoh: good stat filler for the last week of your fantasy pool.  8 points 5 assists 4 rebounds from a guy that has one more audition left before summer league and a hope and a prayer.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Theme of the Game: