Deflated – Nash to be Sign & Traded to Lakers

Just a brief update on the Nash Sweepstakes, as he is set to become a Los Angeles Laker, not a Toronto Raptor.


I don’t have time for a full post but wanted to spread the news here. According to multiple sources, including Woj and Stein and his agent, Steve Nash has agreed to a 3yr/25M extension, to be sign-and-traded to the Lakers. The Suns will receive $3M cash, 2013 & 2015 1st round picks, a pair of 2nd rounders, and Nash will fit into the Lamar Odom trade exception.

Nash’s agent says Nash was deciding in earnest between NY/TO until the Lakers and Kobe made a late push.

Sorry this is so brief/thin/empty but this is all the time I have this evening and I wanted us to have something up.

And please, no Nash hate…sounds like he was legitimately considering T.O., but Lakers can offer strong financial package, better chance at competing, and proximity to his children in Phoenix. No hate, no vitriol…it sucks for us, but it’s a completely understandable decision on his part.

Your move, BC.