No playoffs, no development, no future.

This is a fundamentally flawed basketball team. Last night proved it.

Amir Johnson has a career night on the boards, Andrea Bargnani has his best game of the season, Rudy Gay actually has an efficient night, Kyle Lowry barely misses a triple double.

And what do we have? Another L.

That tells you all you need about this team and the guy who put this all together. Flawed.

122 points allowed against Milwaukee, 125 points allowed last night. So the offence looks a little better with Bargnani hitting his shots, but the defense regresses even worse when he plays major minutes for this team.

Rudy Gay makes one or two jaw-dropping plays every game but has shot 50% only once as a Raptor; his first game against the Clippers. Seriously, what makes him that much different than someone like Michael Beasley? Go check out the stats, with the one year Beasley played 30+ minutes (2010-2011)

Take a look how Memphis has been playing recently. 9-1 in their last 10 games, with their only loss to the Miami Heat. Does that look like a team that lost an “all-Star calibre” talent? Were the majority of analysts who criticized Colangelo for the trade right? Or maybe we still need a whole season and a training camp.

Or yeah a new coach because he will turn Andrea Bargnani into a guy who will play defense in the paint and gift the three-point shot to DeMar DeRozan and turn Rudy Gay into a better decision-maker. These are flawed basketball players.

Bargnani we found out about very quickly, yet he was allowed to pretty much ruin a team that had a budding talent in Chris Bosh, until he left. He drafts DeRozan who dropped to 9th in the draft for a very good reason that still applies today. He was not a steal. Then the feather on the cap, Gay. John Hollinger and the Grizzlies, how much did they take back in that trade? Ed Davis hardly plays, so it was basically Tayshaun Prince. Rudy Gay for Tayshaun Prince. Addition by subtraction much?

It was a late game so I’ll have to spare everyone the hurried analysis of the actual match. But really what’s the point anyway. This team is not making the playoffs and we should be concentrating at least on the development of Terrence Ross, Quincy Acy and Jonas Valunciunas.

But they aren’t getting any time. At least Bargnani may be accumulating some trade value, but is there a GM dumb enough not to realize that any team that takes him on will still need two more bigs playing help defence whenever he’s on the court?

The only one who is, is gainfully employed by the Toronto Raptors.

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