Rapcast #187: Serenity Now (Talking Raptors Ep. 13)

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After a nightmare week for the Raptors, Nick and Barry try to stay calm. Recorded directly after the loss to the Bobcats, this is a worried “come down from that ledge” type of episode. They ease stress by reacting to news around the league, discuss reality show teams and Introduce the newest character/cast member in ‘Talking Raptors: The Movie’.

They talk:

-The possible damage the horrendous week had on Lowry and Demar’s All-Star Campaign.

-What’s that sound? Sounds like Tank Nation is banging around in it’s coffin.

-Some rumours Butch Carter was throwing around about Lebron.

-How awful the All-Star Jerseys are…

-Raptors they’d take on 3 very different reality shows and why.

-Zan Tabak is the next character in the movie but who is cast to play him?

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