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Ross talks Toronto, basketball, his teammates and more!

Earlier this afternoon, Terrence Ross took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) segment on Reddit. He was kind enough to answer a few of the thousands of questions lobbed his way. It’s quite a fantastic AMA segment, so I highly suggest that you follow the link above, but if you’re just interested in the good stuff, I’ve compiled his answers below.

Questions from Raptors Republic Readers

Last week, I offered to ask some questions on behalf of RR readers who weren’t able to participate in real-time. Luckily, Trey Rosay was good enough to answer most of our questions!

Q: You and Paul George fit similar physical (athleticism, height, wingspan) and skill (can shoot, stingy defense). Do you see PG as an apt comparison for yourself going forward?

A: Ya, we’re kinda similar in our game. We’re a little different, but for the most part we’re similar.

Q: Who talks on D? Who is the most vocal and who calls out the opposing team’s plays?

A: Kyle Lowry. Always. Before every play I ask him, ‘yo what they running?’. Usually the team come down the court, Lowry will recognize the play and call out what they’re doing.

Q: How do you best avoid the women who hang out in hotel lobbies waiting for NBA players (gold-diggers). Did any of the vets advise you in this matter? (I can’t believe he actually answered this one.)

A: That’s a myth…that’s never happened. There’s so much security now.

Relating to Basketball

Q: Who do you think is best at setting picks in the NBA, and why is it Amir Johnson?

A: Best at setting picks is Kevin Garnett because he sets illegal screens but he never gets caught. He’ll literally hold you and you can’t get around him.

Q: Do you have a list of players you plan or wish to posterize?

A: I wish to posterize anybody over 7 foot

Q: If you could play a pickup game of 2on2 with any NBA player (past or present) who would it be?

A: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron and me

Q: T-Ross! What has happened this season that has led to your improvement?

A: Probably the off season last year and I think the Rudy Gay trade. (OMG HE SAID IT!)

Q:Did you prepare dunks for the dunk contest that you were not able to perform?

A: Yes there were two dunks I wanted to do, but never got a chance to. Maybe I’ll do them in warm ups…

Q: Who’s on your NBA Mount Rushmore?

A: MJ, Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson

Related to the City of Toronto and the Toronto Raptors

Q: What is Coach Casey’s biggest pet peeve?

A: Coach hates one handed passes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a good pass or a turnover. He hates them

Q: Favorite thing about Toronto? Funniest player in the locker room?

A: My favourite (Canadian spelling!) thing about Toronto is the fan support. Everyone you go you get love, so that’s always nice. The funniest guy on the team was DeMar, but now it’s Psycho T

Q: What is your favourite restaurant in Toronto?

A: Jacobs

Q: We all know you can make it rain, and throw it down like a mad man, but what are some things about your game that you’re trying to develop?

A: I’m working on the pick-and-roll

Q: Who do you want as a first-round match-up in the playoff?

A: I want Brooklyn, personally

Q: How did you improve your shooting so much since last year?

A: Towards the middle of last season, I got with the shooting coach every day for an hour after practice. I would just get up shots and it changed my shot. I did the same thing over the summer time, and I’ve been doing the same thing ever since.

Q: On a scale of Mugsy Bouges to Vince carter how excited are you to wear the throwback jerseys next year?

A: On the scale…Charles Oakley!

Q: According to 2k, I always hear that DeMar DeRozan dips his hands in Parafin wax before games; have you ever tried doing it and if so does it actually help?”

A: He does it before every game. I don’t do it every day but I do it when I’m bored in the locker room before games sometimes.


Q: How did it feel to score 51 points in only your second year in the NBA?

A: The 51 pt game felt like a pickup game. It felt like we were just playing for fun with a bunch of pros and we were going bucket for bucket. It was the kind of game that people don’t usually get to see, but this time it happened during the season.

Q: Have you ever had a moment of being “star struck” in the NBA?

A: Guarding Kobe. I had to guard him, it was in Toronto, and in my head I was like ‘OMG I’m guarding Kobe!’ and as soon as I thought that, he put up a 3. It was deep too.

Q: What’s your high score on Flappy Bird?

A: 76!

Q: First time you dunked?

A: 7th grade. I was 13 in a travel ball game, and ever since then I fell in love with dunking.

Q: Hey, who are your best friends in NBA and in the Raptors?

A: Terrence Jones. We’re super close because we grew up together.

Q: If you weren’t playing professional basketball, what would you be doing?

A: I would be trying to get my degree in Criminology and then work in forensic science. I was really good in school, especially during college. I was on it. I got a 3.7 GPA. I was killing it.

wall hole

Q: What’s the story behind this hole in your wall

A: Haha! yes! It was Qunicy Acy fault. I beat him in a game of 2k and he kicked a hole in my wall.

On Vince Carter

Q: Were you a Vince Carter fan growing up?

A: Vince Carter is my favourite dunker growing up. He is the sole reason I ever knew about Toronto Raptors as a kid.

Q: Hey Terrence, do you think they should retire Vince Carter’s jersey in Toronto?

A: Honestly, YES! they should retire his jersey simply because he put toronto on the map. he did a lot for this city and this franchise, so STOP BOOING HIM!

On his Undying Love for Kyle Lowry

Q: If you have to pick one current teammate to play alongside you for the rest of your NBA career, who would it be?

A: Kyle Lowry. He’s the perfect point guard. I wish he was five inches taller and had a little bit more bounce!!

Q: Who’s the one teammate on the Raptors you look up to for leadership?

A: Kyle Lowry because he’s the smartest guy on the team. He makes the biggest impact on the games.


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