Toronto Raptors+8 (-110)+265O 244.5 (-110)
Atlanta Hawks-8 (-110)-330U 244.5 (-110)
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Thank you, Readers

Thank you to all the readers and RR staff for an excellent season on and off the court.

Raptors Republic would like to thank you for making the site part of your daily trip around the internet.  We greatly appreciate your time and are committed to providing excellent, timely, and free content to our readers on a daily basis – yes, that includes the weary summer.

We’re not perfect but are striving to be, so when we make mistakes, like forgetting Fields was inactive and then slagging Casey for it, please try to forgive us.  Or when you disagree with the grades, like when someone gives A- to a guy who had a 51-point night, feel free to let it rip – we can take it, we really can as long as you don’t bring our mothers into it.

At the end of the day, we love producing Raptors-related content and hope you get some joy out of the site as well.

Raptors Republic is:

Other contributors to Raptors Republic include Alex Wong, Atique Virani, Siri Birnbaum, and Glen Hogarth.  A special thank you to ESPN, the TrueHoop network, and to Henry Abbott and Kevin Arnovitz.

Thank you! The season is over, but we’re going to keep chugging along right through Day 1 of training camp!