Masai Ujiri media session: Mum on Casey, no knee-jerk reactions, confidence in Lowry

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Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri fielded questions from the media on Tuesday.

Ujiri opened with a short preamble about the way things unravelled in the playoffs. He didn’t run away from the catastrophe and did not mince words about the embarrassment of getting swept in the first round.

Ujiri then took questions, the first of which regarding head coach Dwane Casey’s future. He was mum about his coach’s status, neither committing to, nor ruling out a return next season. Read into that how you will.

“I met with Casey and we kind of started the process of kind of talking about some of the things that we’ve done well and some of the things that we didn’t do well,” Ujiri said (via the Toronto Star). “I think that responsibility comes from me on the top as leader, it comes from coaching and it comes from the players. Everybody is going to be held accountable, everybody is going to be evaluated.”

That led to some questioning about Lowry. Ujiri said he remains fully confident in Lowry and cites injuries and workload as reasons for his decline.

Then came the questions about the offseason. It’s pretty clear based on Ujiri’s words that there is to be no grand-scale tear down this summer.

There was also some more bullshit on Paul Pierce, but who cares at this point? The man destroyed the Raptors. That’s all that needed to be said.

Moving on, Ujiri said he was happy to stand pat at the trade deadline because it gave him an opportunity to assess his team — as presently constructed — in the playoffs. The answers, then, should be pretty telling.

There was also talk about Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. He admitted that both players need more time and thinks both players improved. Ujiri stressed that they both have tangible skills (ie: Ross’s shooting). Let’s just file this under trade stock fodder.

Ujiri wrapped up with talk of the D-League, which ended the presser on a high note. For more on that, read here.

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