DeMarre Carroll signs with adidas

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“Get used to this, I dress to impress.”

Those were the words of new Toronto Raptors forward DeMarre Carroll after last Wednesday’s season opener, as assembled media were caught staring at his bright-silver zip-ups.

Basketball fans may need to re-calibrate their gauge for what’s acceptable for an on-court kick and “get used to” the garish, as Carroll is aiming to have a signature shoe some time in the near future. That’s why he’s made the move from Nike to adidas, as the player and shoe company told SLAM on Tuesday.

“My ultimate goal is to have my own shoe,” Carroll had told SLAM in the offseason. “If I have to go to another company to do that, that’s something I’m willing to do because I’m a sneakerhead and that’s always been one of my dreams.”

His contract with Nike, which previously saw him suit up in the Nike LeBron 12 (XII) and the Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove,” expired this offseason, making him a free agent on two fronts. The Raptors signed him to a four-year, $58-million deal, and adidas has now bet on Junkyard Dog 2.0, as well. So far this season, Carroll has worn the adidas Crazy 8 and D Rose VI, but another strong campaign could earn him the signature kick he’s been dreaming on.

He’s not overstating his status as a sneakerhead, by the way. Here’s a photo of the shoe closet from his Atlanta home:

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Caroll joins teammate Kyle Lowry under the three-stripe banner.

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