Grandstand Highlight of the Night: DeRozan channels Dirk

The fan-made highlight of the night, brought to you by Grandstand.

There was a great deal of talk about Dirk Nowitzki at the ACC on Tuesday, and deservedly so. The 37-year-old sharpshooter remains inexplicably effective despite more than 50,000 minutes on his odometer, owing to a nearly unblockable jump shot.

DeMar DeRozan can’t keep the ball nearly as high as Nowitzki can, but he seems to have learned Nowitzki’s patented leg kick on his turnaround fadeaway jumpers, as he showed Wes Matthews early on.

Check out the fan-made highlight of the J on Grandstand here.

DeRozan has been ridiculously hot of late and that’s the case again Tuesday – he’s at 21-3-3 on 8-of-14 shooting entering the fourth quarter.

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