NBA Christmas Marathon Open Thread & Q&A

Happy holidays everyone! It’s Christmas Day for those who celebrate, a free day off for those who won’t, and a marquee date on the calendar for any basketball fan. The NBA stocks Dec. 25 with a back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back every year for reasons both secular and religious: People need stuff to watch to get a break from their families, and because ball is life.


The NBA’s schedule for the day is as follows:

12 (ESPN/Sportsnet) – New Orleans @ Miami
2:30 (ABC/Sportsnet) – Chicago @ Oklahoma City
5 (ABC/Sportsnet) – Cleveland @ Golden State (!!!!)
8 (ESPN/TSN) – San Antonio @ Houston
10:30 (ESPN/TSN) – Los Angeles @ Los Angeles

We’ve taken the day off from content for the most part – Will and I recorded a podcast that went up this morning – but I decided since I’ll be watching the games anyway, I’d post an open thread. I can’t promise how much I’ll hop on and respond, as I’m at the mercy of alcohol, food comas, family, and naps, but I’ll try to check the comments every half hour or hour and answer any reader questions. I’ll post any substantial answers in the body of this post to save people from going through the comments.

On top of that, go nuts with the live thread. Talk about the games, the Raptors, your fine selves, whatever. It’s a beautiful day for basketball.

Note: I’m just gonna embed some tweets rather than post any sort of running commentary.

OK, I’m tapping out. Done all the work I needed to do for the night. Gonna watch my dude Swaggy P huck contested 30-footers and fall asleep. Thanks for joining in today! – 11:20

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