Mailbag #2 – Another Gear? Insecurities and the 96′ Bulls

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. As a writer who’s been treated to a warm experience from readers, I can’t think of anything better than to do this type of write-up. To all those who had questions, and to everyone who has engaged in meaningful dialogue in the comments, thank you. Before we kick this ... Read more

The Return of the RR Mailbag

In a desperate attempt to make a career out of writing, I’ve decided to emulate some of the things that the most beloved Raptors writer (Blake Murphy) did. It only makes sense then, that I become a slave to the readers and sink thousands of words into a mailbag, just like the Editor Emeritus. Ideally, ... Read more

#RRMailbag: Lineups, trades, kicks, and lots more

It’s #RRMailbag time. Keep in mind this is one person’s opinion on the questions, and by no means are we experts. We’re fans, exactly like you, so if you think you have a more informed answer, feel free to answer it in the comment section, which is what it’s there for. I am a little ... Read more