Kyle Lowry delays media availability to get up shots in aftermath of Game 1

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Kyle Lowry skipped the press conference and headed straight to the Raptors practice court to shoot some jumpers.

Lowry was 3-13 (23%) FG for 7 points, which comes on the heels of him shooting 32% against the Pacers. He’s also shooting 16% (7-43) from downtown in the post-season. Lowry did have an elbow issue in the second half of the season, which ended up with him getting his elbow drained. He’s also missing very makeable shots, and according to, 11 of his 13 shots today were considered uncontested, which is a worry.

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Lowry is also passing up shots that he has taken without hesitance in the past (three occasions in Game 1, which may speak to a confidence issue. He’s not being guarded by elite defenders and though George Hill is passable, Goran Dragic isn’t a stopper by any means. Maybe he’s simply out of form, but I can’t buy that argument just because how long this has lasted, and all signs point to this being an injury issue, which is a shame because we had a very long lead time to manage this.

Blake will have more on this in the morning.

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