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Report: Raptors Sign Eric Moreland for Rest of Season

The Raptors have added the final piece to their playoff roster by bringing back Eric Moreland.

It took 81 games, but the Raptors have completed their roster by signing Eric Moreland for the remainder of the season.

Moreland comes in as the Raptors 15th man and barring major blowouts in either direction he is unlikely to see the floor during the playoffs.  With that said, you can do worse with an end of the bench big.  Moreland originally came to Toronto last summer on an exhibit 10 deal but was waived before the season began.  Toronto than plucked him from free agency again on March 14th with a 10-day contract.

Having been around the club a few times Moreland brings familiarity (already knows what to do during Lowry’s Intro) and knows the system he is joining.  Signing him at the end of the season adds a body for the playoffs while limiting any added tax impact.

Through 3 games with the Raptors Moreland averaged 2.3 points (50 percent shooting), 4.3 rebounds, and 1.3 assists in 10.3 minutes per game.  He also hit his only attempt from long range, which is meaningless but a fun fact nonetheless.  He is a rebounder and capable defender to man the middle if needed, and perhaps our new victory cigar in blowout wins if he dresses.