Taking Q’s For the Mailbag

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58 wins in the books and a real shot at the Finals. The whole roster (excluding Patrick McCaw) is healthy for the ensuing playoff run and you can feel the excitement mounting in the Raptors fandom. Magic Johnson put out a HOF presser, and hopefully I can emulate some of his magic via the Mailbag.

In a desperate attempt to make a career out of writing, I’ve decided to emulate some of the things that the most beloved Raptors writer (Blake Murphy) did. It only makes sense then, that I become a slave to the readers and sink thousands of words into a mailbag, just like the Editor Emeritus. Ideally, I will have earned enough goodwill that some of you would even want answers from me on a given topic. Let’s all cross our fingers for that, because it’s far from a certainty.

I’ll be plucking comments from the comment section to respond to (provided that they’re formatted as such) and I’ll be assuming that more likes means more people would like a specific thing answered. In addition to that, I’ll be taking Q’s from twitter and you can find my account here.

The twitter engagement is meaningful to me, because the current social climate and this job dictate that I try my best to generate some sort of “online presence”. It’s lame, I know.

Comment away, and have a blessed day.


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